Vande Mataram (Salute to the Mother)

“Thank you for understanding the pain of a working mother”, One woman employee told to her manager when her manager carefully listened the struggle that she goes through everyday managing her two kids and then cutting across the traffic of the city and showing the professional world a face that she is fine.

She couldn’t get a proper sleep at night as her 6 month old need feeding every couple of hours.

She couldn’t get proper sleep because her 3 year old got fever due to changing weather.

She had to face the worst traffic of the day because she started little late due to sleepless night.

She had to cruise through the traffic in her moped inhaling all pollution on the road for one and half hours while traveling 12 Kilometers.

But she is smiling, jumping with everybody at work to celebrate Independence day celebration at office to show she is a good team player and doing her work with due diligence to prove the corporate world that she is competent to work and not to consider her any lesser.

Teary eyed manager feels accepting “Thank you” coming from a working mother like her for just listening to her problem is a no lesser than a crime. It is time we all must say “Thank you” with every breath of ours to all such women who have shown their multi-fold strength by proving the world that nobody, absolutely nobody comes close to  working mothers when competency is a criteria of measurement.

These great women don’t need any kind of group to show that they are great. They are beyond any mend and women rights debate.

The painful fact is people selectively avoid hiring women because they get married, get pregnant and manage house. Stray Dog has seen such managers everywhere. These managers feel they are doing good to a company they are working for or keeping them selves out of trouble.

Stray-dog would like them to rise above their tinny-tiny world of success and see the world as a place where humans live.

It is the responsibility of every manager who is a decision-maker must serve at-least one talented woman every year to unblock all odds that she is going through so that she can grow in her career, live a life where there is space for herself and gets the respect she deserves.

Don’t get distracted by the demanding section of the society who demands their rights without credibility and focus sincerely on women who are blocked despite talent.

The guilt that you have for not being able to take care of your parents or doing enough for loving sister or not able to provide enough attention to your wife due to work or unable to provide the life of a princess to your daughter will get some soothing relief if you can do this at your workplace.

Happy Independence Day!!!

Vande Maataram!!! (Salute to the Mother)

– Stray Dog


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