Inter-state Transfer of Vehicle – Getting a N.O.C

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The Transient's Diary

Those who still believe in ONE India – have probably never traveled between states.

Moving states is a tedious task especially if you have commodities that are state specific like vehicle registration, gas connection, mobile phone number (mobile number portability still not valid between states) etc. You have to register, de-register and re-register. Seems wasteful if you plan to move back after few years, and gets worse if you move to yet another state. While we loathe the fact that India still behaves like a country of countries, the legislature might just be considering the creation of yet another state!!

And if you are reading this, you too, are a victim.

Enough rants. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


 If you have a vehicle registered in one state and planning to move to another (with your vehicle), here are the things you need to…

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