Sutta?? (Smoke Break??)

Jiten was a small town boy who wanted to study in an engineering college after succeeding in a competitive examination. A big dream of the family got fulfilled and Jiten was on top of the world.

First few days in the college was the time to wonder how big the college is and exploring how an engineering college looks like. In few weeks time he realized that he is considered as a second class citizen among the students as he comes from a small town and not reputed school. His dream was big and his aspirations were high. He thought, it is impossible to reach to the top if he is not part of the students from big cities, colleges or rich families. He explored all options and through different tactics finally he entered the gang. Once he was in the gang the majority of the day spent in fun activities. Fun not always in pure form. One of the fun he acquired was smoking. Although he was not getting enough pocket money to buy cigarettes but his friends were kind enough in these matters initially. In return he used to help them in studies, assignments etc. Little bit of shameless begging in the wrap of friendship prospered his smoking career.  His college journey was full of fun and exciting incidents of not-permitted-to kind of adventures.

After he graduated with some struggle he got his first job and he could continue his smoking habit. Habit that was nurtured by begging, sharing and buying skills. At times it was considered as a manly act and at times an act of revolt from good people. He continued to prosper in his job as well and buying power increased hence sharing and begging skills were no longer required.

Throughout this journey, friends, family members and inner voice many a times asked him to stop it. Finally when his first child was born he decided to quit smoking. Since morning he was under so much pressure to smoke that his urge to smoke was multifold compared to smoking days. It made him so crazy that he started behaving bad with family members, friends, colleagues including his boss. He tried his best to quit and the more he was trying he was suffering from anxiety. Then after few days he decided to continue smoking as he felt he was doing more harm to himself and life by his these behaviors. This process was attempted many times and sometimes within days, to at times within hours, he had to resume smoking.

He realized it is essential to analyze the thoughts that are preventing him from quitting. After some careful analysis he realized that the thought that was prevailing was “I have to quit smoking, I have to stop this habit. it is a bad habit hence I have to stop, for my kids happy future I have to stop. etc”

All these were thoughts that were representing negative pictures. Pictures that scares, depresses and develops guilt feeling within.

He decided to start thinking positives. What opportunities that will bring if he quits smoking. What benefits he can get by quitting etc. He realized that there are so many good things he can do instead of spending the time in smoking. The positive feeling he will get to tell people that he has quit smoking and of course the money he will save. It took a while to register these thoughts and while in this process he never hesitated to smoke when he felt like. No pressure on mind and doors were opening towards the positive world. Sudden work pressure made him busy and after a day he realized that he has not smoked since 24 hours. He continued to stay busy and do what he wanted to do. Days passed by and he lived smoke free without any guilt. Once after couple of weeks he thought he is very happy hence he needs to smoke. As promised to self not to pressurize, he went to smoke a cigarette and it resulted in nausea, vomiting and discomfort. He realized that his body rejected the habit.

He remained smoke free happily ever after.

Our thoughts make ways to the destination we want to reach. Despite having a well defined goal if we think negatively or worry about failures we may not reach the goal ever. Despite having a not so defined goal if we think positively about achieving it, there are chances we may meet the goal. Our actions are only reflection of our thoughts. If we think freely, we act freely. If we are indecisive then our actions will reflect the confusion.

Wish you a free life!!!


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