A beautiful “More”

“Can’t I get everything what I wish without putting so much of efforts to prove the world that I deserve”, A strange but innocent question popped out of my mind when I was at my leisure. I felt proud looking at this thought because it proves my courage to confront myself.

We all live for happiness and pleasure. We work to ensure there is constant inflow of happiness without any interruption. Most of the times we don’t know how we feel happy or what makes us happy. So we look at others and if we feel they are happier than us then we try to become like them. Looking at the society and people around, we feel success, money, social status and number of followers makes a person happy. So we strive for those. Because we know we have a long (may be never ending) life, so we desire not only to collect money, success etc for today’s consumption but also for many many years that’s going to come. There begins the race. A never ending race.

But does our body and mind ready enough for the race. Is it truly the need of body and mind? If it is not, then it will get tired of chasing to fulfill the wrong need. So when our body and mind are tired it tries to find short cuts to achieve success which is mostly not the most ethical or desired way.

I told my thought, “Why you wish to get those things””?”

It said, “Because those look lucrative, attractive and desirable”

I asked my thought, “Can you take yourself to a memory lane and tell me 15 years back what looked lucrative, attractive, desirable?”

My thought, thought for while and said, “A happy family, ability to meet all basic need, some opportunity to luxury and lots many friends.”

I asked, “Did you get them”

It answered, “Yes, much more than that.”

“Does those things which looked lucrative 15 years back look lucrative now “, I asked.

It replied, “They are my needs now, basic essential needs. They are no longer desires. It’s impossible to live without those. What I need now is for pleasure.”

I answered, “ I would like to tell you a story,

Rohan a 6 year old kid came to play with family to a sea shore. He played different games with his elder sister and had great fun. After they both got tired of playing, they sat down to make sand castles each. Rohan made the most beautiful sand castle he had ever made and it came running to show it’s beautiful creation to it’s parents.

His parents who were sitting in a far away tea stall and enjoying tea, were excited too to watch the sand castle but before he could get his parents watch the beautiful creation his sand castle got washed away by the wave.

Rohan could not stop crying and his parents after all attempts to convince him started going back home. Rohan kept on crying till he went to his bed due to the loss. His sister tried to convince him saying that what if parents could not watch, she saw that and it was beautiful and also tried to remind him all the fun he and his sister had playing before they started to make sand castles, but he was inconvincible.

If you notice we all are like Rohan.

We achieve so much in life but we don’t appreciate that and try to get more. And we give maximum attention or appreciation to the one which we did not or could not get. That’s the reason we remain unhappy, stressed, and ruin our and our closed ones life.”

Not sure but may be my thought felt awkward and bad, It went away without even telling me a bye.


– Stray Dog


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