Balance Sheet

“Time never stops and if you are in race with time you can never stop. We are taught to respect time and ensure we accumulate or amass as much wealth possible from every second of life. Getting rich is the aim. Richness is the ultimate goal and time is the only constraint. You don’t know how much time you have for any particular opportunity nor you know know when the next opportunity is going to come. Keep your mind and body healthy enough to ensure you can keep up with time and grab every opportunity to get rich.


We have to pause. Pause for good. Introspect, look at where we have reached, how we have reached and what corrective actions are needed to ensure we are going to remain on track.”, Gurudev said.

“Hey, have you gone mad. You want people to chase time and amass wealth. I thought you would teach us to get rid of material wealth and not remain attached to it so that we get peace but you look like a material Guru”, Himesh said with a tone to criticize and make fun of Gurudev. And he meant what he said. But surprisingly nobody reacted either way.

This was a celebration going on Ashram where the head of ashram or teacher was giving his morning teaching to the inmates and guests. Himesh visited the ashram just to see what these guys talk about.

Gurudev smiled ad Himesh and said, “Happy New Year. As per many calanders in Bharat, today is the beginning of the day as it is the beginning of the first month of the year called Baishak Month if followed as per solar calendar. You can call Poila Boishak (Bengal), Bishubha Sankranti (Odisha), Bihu (Assom), Bishu (Kerala), Baishakhi (Punjab) and may be many others”

Himesh said, “Happy New year whatever!!! I only follow 1st Jan because it’s easy and rest of the world does it.”

Gurudev continued while constantly wearing his very pleasant smile, “Are you rich? How rich are you?”

Himesh responded, “Why? you want money from me? I can be called upper middle class but mind you, I am not going to shed a single penny here.”

Gurudev laughed while others in the ashram were giving irritated look, Gurudev called Kalia the ashram boy who was serving water to all the guests coming to the ashram and asked, “How rich are you Kalia?”

Kalia proudly replied, “I am super rich. I have got smiles from almost everybody here and I did not lose any wealth because I have only spent my day gathering smiles and blessings since morning and did not think anything bad or sad for myself or others. I am super rich”

Gurudev looked at Himesh. Himesh responded, “Ahh so you guys have a new definition. That’s cheating. You should have told me that earlier.”

Gurudev and others laughed and Gurudev said, “Who taught you wealth means money or modes to access external pleasures? I don’t think that was ever a definition. People buy happiness by spending money or availing fancy equipments like Car or home or jewelries etc. That does not mean these mediums are wealth. The real wealth is the happiness, pleasure, peace of mind, satisfaction and unbound energy within us to live life. If I am a bank and want to know how much money deposited in the bank, I am not going to count how many customers came to the bank. because one customer may get deposit a million and another hundred customers may deposit only few thousands together. Also I will care most if the customer depositing a million is keeping that money with the bank for a longer period of time.

Similarly in life we must count how much pleasure or happiness has been accumulated than money. If money can buy a long lasting happiness then it okay to accumulate money but if there is something else that gets more happiness than money and is long lasting, I would focus on that. Like Kalia thought of serving others because that was giving him most rich experience.”

Himesh was little embarrassed but was lot interested to know more, “Ohh!! I understand. Huh!! sorry I was thinking like you are any other fake guru. By the way, what were you talking about the time and all when I first came in.”

Gurudev continued his smile and said, “Yes, today is new year for many so the main purpose of new year is to introspect and get your balance sheet clean. You start a new accounts book from today. One side of the balance sheet is to record what you got from others and the other side is what you gave in return. This day helps you understand how much wealth you have accumulated.

We are in some constant debt which we have to fulfill.

We are and will remain always indebted to Parents, Nature, country, daughter. Hence we must ensure we are doing enough to reduce the debt.

Parents means not just parents but your entire family tree which took right decisions over the time because of which you are now in a situation to meet your needs. You could go to school, study, learn, spend your childhood enjoying, got all your needs fulfilled and could become capable enough to lead a comfortable life. Just imagine if you would have been born on a footpath, would not have got any education or other pleasures, where you would have been. So it’s because your parents and forefathers took right and wise decisions that’s the reason you are enjoying your life.

Nature has been providing you all the resources you need, water, air, earth, trees, sky, sun, moon and billions of creations of nature reserves everything we need to live. We consume it at our will and we don’t need anybody’s permission to do so. Hence we remain always indebted to nature.

Country you were born as well as where you are living defines what you are. Nobody can prosper if the country you were born or living is not respected and has fair law and order. Hence you must feel lucky to be born or protected by the country. Hence you remain indebted to your country or residence and living.

Daughters, does not mean only daughters. It means women at large who define and shape you through various means and in various forms. If after nature anything that selflessly gives you things to fulfill your needs it is women. Hence we will remain indebted to women at large for our life time.

Hence paying them back by sacrificing pleasure is not only your duty but also should be the very reason of living. You earn to pay them back. You earn through your good deeds and invest through teaching good to younger ones.

Hence keep earning, investing and paying your debts. Your life will have everything that a super rich should have. If you have not been doing till date then start today.It’s new year.

Happy new year to all of you. Keep earning, keep enjoying.”


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Balance Sheet

  1. How true, Sakti! When we think of the word rich, it’s usually in the context of money, not spiritual wealth. Thanks for your poignant post. I’ll keep it in mind as I start my day.

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