“I get annoyed when people tell me to hurry up. I feel as if they don’t have confidence in me.”, I wrote in my journal.

“May be they truly don’t have confidence in you”, A stranger sitting next to me peeping through to see what I am writing in my journal said.

I immediately closed my journal and said, “How dare you read my journal? Don’t you know you should not read anybody’s letter, journal or diary? How insensitive people? Huh!”

“Didn’t anybody tell you that park is a public place and you should do all your private activities at private place”, Stranger challenged me.

I was truly annoyed now. I wanted either to go to a serious fight even if it goes physical or leave the place without creating a scene.

“Calm down my friend. I was teasing you. Friends!!?”, he extended his hand for a handshake.

With a little apprehension I shook his hand and sat there doing nothing. He initiated the conversation.

“I feel annoyed too when people don’t show confidence in me. When they underestimate me or ignore me. May be because I have a lot of confidence in me and I feel I can’t go wrong but they think otherwise.”, Stranger said.

“People not thinking about me the way how I think about myself if my biggest problem. Not sure how to make them think the way I think about myself.”, Stranger kept talking in the same subject and this created interest in me to talk to him.

“It is unfair to expect people will have the same confidence in us as we have for ourselves. They can’t read our mind and understand our plans to accomplish things. Hence it creates confusion and causes lack of confidence.”, I said.

“We should make our intentions clear and plans well presented before people who matter, so that they know what you are thinking. Then keep doing things as per plan and keep them informed about it so that they know you are progressing. Then inform them about the task completion status and how well it was done when it is complete. This will make them feel better and have confidence in you. If you continue doing this people concerned will have great confidence in you and you will never be questioned.”, I explained in detail.

The stranger was listening to me carefully and then said, “If so, why did you write that you get annoyed when people tell you to hurry up. You know the problem and solution.”

“Ohh, that is for me to write the same problem and solution what I told you, in the journal. I love writing my emotions and bring them to a logical conclusion. If you think about any disturbing emotion it takes longer to settle it in your mind but if you write, you get it easily. That’s how I feel, may not be true for others.”, I explained.

Somebody called him in his phone and he excused himself and rushed from that place and vanished from my vision. I realized that I did not ask his name or any other details about him. Anyway, sometimes it is better to have people as strangers than name them.


– Stray Dog


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