Good and bad

“Good and Bad!!”

“Good or Bad!!”

“No I would say Good and Bad”

“It is sometimes good to be bad and bad to be good. As goodness of good sometime hurts and badness of bad when predictable feels good”, Rohit, was blabbering,
”What are you blabbering?”, I asked.

“It hurts when somebody talks about goodness often and always points finger at your faults. It sounds or feels like violence of good. It kills you but still leaves you alive. The worst part is, you become arrogant and don’t think your bad as bad rather hate the good.”, Rohit said.

“So, you want to continue doing bad but don’t want anybody to tell you”, I asked.

“No!! I mean, you should tell me what I am doing wrong, leave me there to think. This world has unanimously never agreed anything as good or bad. It is up to me to think and take a decision. But you repeating the same again and again feels like you are victimizing me and I consider you as villain although your are telling good.”, Rohit explained.

“Okay, I understand. You mean to say that we should not preach others about goodness it may turn out to become violence.”, I tried to conclude and put the topic to an end.

“You act with goodness and influence others but never force anybody. That’s what I mean.”, Rohit said.

“ I am not talking about kids here. I am telling about adults.”, Rohit clarified.

“You were talking about goodness of bad?”, I asked.

“Yes, At times I have seen people who are involved in illegal act come to help you for your good deed.”, Rohit explained.

“Actually, there is nothing called absolute good or bad. Where we put rules, we will find good as well as bad. But rules are manmade so good for somebody may not be good for others. Bad for one may not be so for another.”, Rohit explained.

“But the modern world tried to tag everything. Like good, bad, clean, dirty, happy, sad, etc. Your good may be my bad. Your clean might be my dirty. Your happy may be my sad. So don’t enforce the tags on me. Leave me alone. This world will be a much better place to live.”, Rohit said.

Not sure what this conversation yielded but one thing I understood that thrusting our understanding or belief on others is as violent act as doing a physical torture.

Children: Do not take this discussion in the context when parents are involved. Parents are always right.


-Stray Dog


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