While walking through the journey to achieve unknown and getting satisfied with taking any available path has made Moti lost in the jungle. He used to know every bit of this jungle very well and used to be called as an uncrowned king. Sudden life events have left him wander in this forest. Nobody is there to hear his barks. The wound from the life surviving fight he had thrice in past 18 hours with wild dogs are not as painful as the guilt of blindly following others towards the journey of success. He was emotionally lost and physically surviving but most importantly he lost hope of recovery.

Few months back he was the hero of a small village adjacent to a sanctuary. He was loved by all kids and adults used to appreciate him for his nice nature and certain skills which is usually not seen in stray dogs. He was loved much because he knew every portion of the jungle and knows unbelievable tricks to survive from wild animals.

One day king on his way to visit the sanctuary took some time rest in the village. He during his stay observed this dog. He was quiet impressed and ordered his army commander to take this dog to the forest for the clean up mission.

The mission of cleaning up forest was of extreme importance for the kingdom as some unwanted and dangerous animals from the neighboring country have come to this forest and are not only destroying the natural resources but also ruining the basic character of the animals of this forest by giving wrong directions. It was a noble mission and extremely important one for the country and it’s future. Moti happily followed the army into the jungle without much thought. His past appreciations for his little capability had made him so over confident that he was even ready to fight the lion in the jungle.

Once the army entered into the jungle the army was divided into small groups and each group was sent to a specific area in the forest to search for the dangerous animals from neighboring forest and fight with them to throw them out of the forest. Moti joined his group and was asked to lead the group. Moti gained further confidence.

Now it is time for Moti to perform. He recalled his self developed techniques which he used to practice in his village where he was 100% successful every time. He directed army to follow the same techniques. Unlike village, here the challenges were there every moment. The entire army due to their love for the commander Moti fought endlessly . Moti started changing strategies as he found his old strategies are not working as effectively as it should. His army followed that as they had strong faith on the commander Moti. Constant attack from the dangerous animals and very few wins and so many causalities have left Moti in a state where he thinks he must run away.But Moti understood that his defeat is a defeat to the faith of his army on him and they may not trust any other commander in future. At that moment a gang of wild dogs from neighboring forest attacked and Moti’s army went to the frontline to fight the wild dogs. This time Moti thought that he must get down to fight himself and went to the frontline. Some wild dogs engaged in fighting only with Moti. As if it was planned they kept Moti engaged in fight so much that they took Moti out of the area and brought him into another unknown area. Moti kept fighting and killed couple of the wild dogs and rest ran away. He realized that  this combat operation was intentional to ensure Moti stays out of the area where his army is. Now he realized his impulsive decision to fight rather than guiding the army was a mistake. He failed as a commander but might have won as a warrior. He assumed that his army must have been thinking that their commander ran away leaving them all alone. He went towards his allocated area and found that true to his belief it is a lost land.

He could not face the left over army and went running in the forest to find mental peace.

It’s not the defeat, it’s not the lack of tricks or experience but the enormous trust on Moti which made him lose. Others having trust on you is good thing but you believing that you have some superpower is called stupidity. Living the reality and staying on ground to understand the basics at the earliest is the key. Which Moti missed to do. He without understanding the war time ground realities tried to fight the war folllowing his tricks that were applicable at is village. Not only he lost the battle but also lost his army’s confidence and his confidence on self.


– Stray Dog


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