Que Sera sera

Rishi said, “I got introduced to a very powerful philosophy called, ‘Don’t ask permissions, ask forgiveness’”.

This statement requires lots of courage to implement. This expects us to first believe that we can control everything around us. The thought itself gives you power and enthusiasm to work to get the things the way you want. Controlling things around us and making things happen by sincere efforts and very well thought of plan can get you most of what you want. But there is always possibility of untoward incidents that may derail your plan and stop you from putting the efforts that you want to put hence things may go out of control. Hence this requires faith. Enormous faith on the people you are working with, the internal energy or god that drives you and yourself. This will help you come back even if you fail to achieve it at the first time. The easiest escape route is called luck. Where we give up and say it’s bad luck.” in response to Kalia who was complaining about the current situation and bad luck.

“Luck is what drives us and we thinking that we control everything is the indication that we have enormous faith on our luck. If we have good luck then we get the motivation or desire to control things happening around us. Luck is the faith on self and faith on people around us involved in our  acts, Not every right things looks right at every place or situation. A person with a particular skill is respected when the situation where he or she is requires that particular skill but if he or she is in a wrong place then he is considered useless. One person might be at the right place and situation at one time but the situation around change and makes the person misfit to the environment over night. This is not something can be controlled by the person himself or herself. This is called luck.”, Kalia responded.

Rishi said, “Bad situations are unavoidable. It’s not the point that whether a person went into a bad situation or not. It’s important that how quickly and swiftly the person came out of the bad situation by realizing the situation quickly and identifying the correct actions that needs to be taken. Come up with a plan and control the situations around and land in favorable situation once again. If the person believes in luck and sits there crying that I am in a bad luck situation then the person can never come out of that.”

A very quiet but active listener Hari said, “I feel we have to have enormous faith on self and have a strong feeling that we have a great luck and act to ensure things around us are properly in place.Work effortlessly till it’s not so. But if situations change and we land up in a so called “Bad Luck” situation then quickly identify the actions needed to change the situation around us. Good luck is our companion and bad luck is what we have to change by action. “

All of them agreed and went back to action saying Que Sera Sera  and laughed loudly.Smile




– Stray Dog


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