Complaints about life!

“God, today I want to complain about everybody whom I don’t like. I want to blame everybody and everything around me. I want to find fault in others and prove that they are bad. I want to cry and shout proving my innocence for every mistake I did and expect people to just appreciate my all good deeds. I want to criticize others and others to appreciate me. Unfortunately I have nobody to whom I can say these hence came here. I feel like that stray dog who wants to just stand on the corner of the road and bark at every passerby without any reason and gets sadistic pleasure when some of them get scared of these barks.”, Vishesh is making his intentions clear that he is going to vent his unknown frustration in a quiet and lonely temple. Sitting in-front of an idol and talking all frustrations out is very filmy (as it happens in movies) but Vishesh never knew that it is so refreshing. He was feeling better as he was talking. In movies actors ring bells (sometimes multiple bells) and question god for the injustice but Vishesh thought of just talking his frustration out.

He continued taking names of people one by one  whom he does not like and why. He explained how some people are stopping from executing his brilliant plan and some are blaming him for things which he never did. He also explained how others did not appreciate him for his deeds and also situations where other took the appreciation for the work he did. The list kept growing and complaints kept coming out effortlessly. He complained about his coworkers, his boss, his boss’s coworkers, senior management, his distant team, his office friends and the list kept growing. He felt little better. He also complained about his family that he is not getting time to relax as his wife and kids always demanding his attention and participation. He left the temple and came back home once he said it all.

As soon as he reached home he got a call from his in-laws that his wife has to go to her parents’ place to sign some property documents. So he had to book tickets for his wife and kids. As summer vacation was starting they planned to stay there for a month. In the same evening they left. After sending them off in the airport he came home and started checking his emails. He was surprised to read the emails that came during this time. There were many organizational announcements and it affected all the people he was complaining about in the temple in the morning. Now all of them moved out of his way which he was complaining. He was the only authority to solve the problems which he earlier thought were blocked by others. He also saw mention of his name in many such emails appreciating him and thanking him for his great work. He was extremely happy and feeling as if he is in ninth cloud. He just jumped around with happiness. He remained happy for couple of hours before  he realized he neither has the capability nor skills to solve the challenges all alone with the existing people. Although the people he was complaining about were the ones giving his the maximum resistance but they were the people who were most knowledgeable and capable to tackling the problem if properly convinced and motivated. Upon thinking more he realized that the problem was truly not with the people he was complaining about but with himself. He was incapable of convincing others by putting his points effectively hence he was getting resistance. He felt bad about what happened now and felt like a lost person now. He started feeling bad about the actions taken against the people he was complaining about.

Then it came to his mind that absence of his family at home was making him feel more sad and the small interruptions that kids were giving and the sweet complains what his wife was coming up with were more engaging and satisfactory than a lonely home. He got all that he wanted but he could stay happy only for couple of hours.

He realized that he was barking at a wrong tree all these while. He was complaining about things that matters and ignoring the real problem within him. He was surprised that his one complaint at the temple was taken so seriously. More over he was surprised to realize that god really exists and listens to each and every complaint so seriously and acts on them so quickly.

It was very late in night even to call his wife or anybody. He thought of getting up early the next morning and going to the same temple to take his complaints back to see if it can help the situation. He was feeling very bad now.

He had difficulty in getting sleep but late in the night he slept. His son came jumping over his chest to give him a shock of his life and he woke up to realize that the kids are in a serious battle and his wife was shouting at them for their unruly behavior. He was surprised. he asked his wife when you came. His wife said, “What do you mean? I am here on this earth since birth and here with you since last 15 years and torturing you.”. He recalled his quarrel the previous night and how he blamed her for all the problems.

He sat on his bed and tried to recall. He picked his phone and read his emails urgently to realize all above were just a dream. Upon thinking he realized that his disturbed mind was much calmer and clear now. Not sure whom he should thank but felt good. Started his day with new or rather renewed energy. Of course the first attempt was to please his lovely wife and next was to play with kids till they were tired.


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Complaints about life!

  1. I can relate to that feeling where the problem in the dream is worse than the one you went to sleep with, and you wake up in a panic to discover it’s only a dream. You are also miraculously offered a solution to the problem, and discover that it isn’t as bad as you’d first perceived it to be.

    Keep up your insightful and inspirational blog posts, Sakti!!

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