Desire–The killer

Disturbing news about corruption, physical assault and crime disturbed Ramesh so much that he felt like taking a decision to leave the country.  When his wife asked ‘why?’ his answer was this place is not a safe place to live. I can’t raise my kids here. I can’t feel safe even after my death due to this kind of environment. His wife was very upset with his husband’s escapist attitude although she understood the emotion behind taking this decision. She thought she will discuss with her husband about her displeasure. She planned a candle light dinner at a local small restaurant that evening.

She brought out the topic of recent elections where educated common men formed government and the possibility of the success of that political party. His husband out rightly rejected the very existence of that party saying, “They will not survive. It’s not easy to form a party and run government”. His wife asked him,”Then what is easy?” and maintained an eye contact. His husband understood that this question was asked to be answered. He responded, “I don’t know. May be just stay away from all these”.

His wife said, “You know, I was a student leader in my college and a gold medalist as well. I got an offer to work for very good research project with handsome salary at the same time the national party in power wanted me to join their party. But I chose to marry and take after kids and you. Because I thought that was easy for me and this one was difficult. I see my kids as my replica and I see doubling the success what I would have achieved by making both my kids successful. I wanted my kids should be brought up in a way that they become future leaders of this world. I wanted to take care of family so that you can become successful in life and serve the society. But I see I made a wrong decision. You are always trying to sit on the other side of the table. I am upset and I wanted to let you know about it. When you took a decision of running away I thought of sharing my feelings with you.”

Ramesh felt very low when he heard he is considered as a coward and it hit his ego badly. He was surprised that his wife is going against him when he is thinking about his kids and wife’s safety. He said, “Don’t you see the news every day. You or our kids may be one of the victims. May be we will lose everything. I have no skills to fight against this society. This all is due to ever increasing desire of human race. Desire for Money, Power and sex are increasing everyday. The more the desire is growing we are exposing more of it to the society and it again increasing. It is like a big python which is moving all around this country. What and who can stop that. The only end result of fight is to sacrifice self.”

His wife said, “Aahar, Nidra , bhoy… Jato badabe tato hoy.. the english meaning of this is ‘Desire (hunger), laziness (sleep) and fear is never ending. The more you want it to be blown, it can blow up as much. By saying above you are increasing fear and with all logical reasoning. But the source of these problems is desire. People with great hunger for money, power and physical satisfaction keep on going to fulfill it. It may start with innocence or fun or may be with good intention but as it goes and grows it takes a monstrous shape. We have always told our kids the stories where a monster is there and our kid as a hero or heroine has won over the monster by demonstrating his/her courage and power. But we are trying to run away when there is a monster in front of us. No fight is won by running away.”

Ramesh interupted, “No… Krishna ran away from a fight and shifted to Dwarka. That’s why he is called Ranchhod’

His wife smiled, “He didn’t run away in the beginning. he and his army fought a long battle with jarasandha but after repeated attempts when he and his army got badly tired he realized that the time is not right to destroy him. So he took a pause. But he ensured Jarasandha was ultimately killed. He did not run away rather he took a strategic decision while fighting to ensure the win. Strategies will come into play when you first get ready to fight not as an escape route.”

Ramesh asked, “But I can’t sacrifice my family to show the world that I am a fighter.”

His wife responded, “Ohh common !! Don’t always think about losing and sacrificing. We can fight and win as well. Help hundreds other people in our society.”

Ramesh responded, “I am really worried about the sexual assaults and young kids are being both victims and culprits. Were is this society going?”

“This society is just going exactly in the direction we desire to go. We wish all idealistic things but desire different things. We always want pleasure from life and preach boring stuff. We are hypocrites hence we are suffering. We have to first bring balance in our mind. We can’t desire secretly all wrong stuffs and expect ourselves to be seen as clean. So first we need to curb desires in our mind. This is possible through meditation and keeping ourselves busy with various good work what we are expected to do. Then we can ensure our kids are also guided such that they too keep themselves busy and for them fun should be making others happy not self. This chain reaction and social awareness over the years can completely eradicate this problem. But first we need to take the first step. At the same time ensure our kids are grow up like soldiers who can fight any situation. This would insure their safety not any other country. Crimes are not limited to any geographic location it is present as long as there are humans and there are desires.”

Unconvinced but not adamant Ramesh made a decision to stick to the country and help his wife in the efforts.


– Stray Dog



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