A winning thought

A mild argument between an old couple was about to take momentum to become a intense quarrel. Their decision of not going to their daughter’s place was because the old man did not agree to go. The old lady was missing her daughter’s kids and wanted to see them but the old man somehow felt they should not go now as their daughter’s in-laws are there. Old lady started reminding all occasions in their past 45 years of togetherness where her husband never cared about her happiness and was adamant for no reason or rather no logical reason. At that moment a small kid came running with a ball complaining about her brother who was not following the rules. Immediately the couple who were grandparents (Father’s Parents)) of the child went into action to solve the matter and ignored their argument. While the old man was busy resolving the conflict old lady bought 3 ice-cream cones to the dispute site. Two chocolate flavored for the kids and one butterscotch for her husband with whom she was quarreling couple of minutes back. She knew her husband loved butterscotch ice-cream. Looking at the ice-cream a big smile started glowing on the face of the old man.  After enjoying two spoons the old man suddenly thought about something and immediately went somewhere. He came back after few minutes with a small pack of spicy peanuts for the old lady. An intense disturbed moment converted to a lighter happy moment without any effort. Natural events, human action and reactions changed sad moments to happy, disturbed minds to calm and vice versa.

No emotions stay longer unless you intentionally block the inflow of natural actions and restrict reactions. May be only in the context of emotions, blocking and restricting is easier than letting it go. There is a constant inflow of reasons to feel good as well as bad about life. But it seems we have a magnet in our mind which just attracts and holds the bad ones. You have to put special effort to get rid of them and take the good ones. And this magnet is the ego. It is necessary to maintain ego but not beyond the limit where it starts hurting self or others. Lack of ego hurts self and excessive hurts others.

A disturbed or upset mind usually tries to hide our feeling of losing something. A happy or excited mind usually hides our feeling of winning something. So if you just keep the winning feeling alive you will remain happy and excited and that will turn up the good magnet in our mind so that all reasons to feel good get attracted and make us happier forever.

Constant effort to turn this happy magnet on will naturally turn the bad magnet off and help keep ego in its permissible limit. And turning of the happy magnet is easy. Just ensure at every moment you treat yourself royally. Remember that you are the most important person of your life and you need to treat yourself well. Anything that your mind disapproves should be avoided or rejected. Always find a way to reach to a happier destination and relish those moments. Happy moments should be your charging stations and difficult and unhappy moments should be the place where you will consume these energies. hence run as fast as you can to reach to the next charging station to ensure you remain a winner, stay happy and always excited.


– Stray Dog


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One thought on “A winning thought

  1. Thank you, Sakti, for reminding us through an engaging story, the reasons we want to keep the positive energy flowing.

    Happy and healthy 2014 to you and your family!!

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