You to I to path of happiness

The biggest challenge in life is to look at life putting yourself out of context. But at the same time the biggest problem a person deals with everyday is due to not satisfying others needs. We always think of “I’ when we think of happiness but the true happiness never comes by satisfying self. Look back at all moments you were happy and you will find there must be one on more person other than you who were happy at that time. All the occasions you thought just about yourself ended up being greatest disasters. What does that mean, should we just worry about others and ignore yourself? No, finding to solve your problems by bringing happiness, pride, dignity and success in others lives. A beautiful dress, car, house, significant post does not make you feel good unless somebody acknowledges that. May be that is the reason you look at mirror when you dress well because you get a different persons perspective by looking through mirror.

There were many occasions I felt sad when I did something good but nobody acknowledged and I know there are many who were sad because I did not acknowledge them at right occasion or time. There are very few who will be vocal about the fact that they did good but you did not acknowledged them but when that happens it’s easy and a good reminder for ourselves that you shouldn’t  miss such things in future. There are many who could not express their feelings of sadness due to non-recognition and gradually get into a silent trap of dissatisfaction for self and when time comes will blame you for the failure in life.

We as social animals are expected to look around, feel the feelings of others and measure their expectations.

Now question comes why we forget to recognize others. It’s due to more focus on self or little impression of others in our mind or heart. We can always blame others for their lack of ability to impress but that’s just an excuse to forgive self and take life forward. More such occurrences will make you selfish by nature. Selfish is not the person who thinks about self but who always defends self for the guilt of not doing enough for others. A majority of selfish people are lazy when the topic comes about helping others or recognizing others. Hence it is important to think always that others are important and very important in your life as you are important for yourself.

Look at any happy person he/she must be doing below regularly.

Greet – Acknowledging importance of others presence in their life. Can be heartfelt smile or formal greetings like namaste in any form

Gratitude – Remembering what others did for you and acknowledging that with honesty

Give – Giving happiness and recognition in any form meaningful to other person.

All the above G’s will give you happiness and the fact is these kind of happy people are always successful in life.


– Stray Dog



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