Maha Shashti – Welcoming the Daughter

All excitement to welcome a confident, successful and influential daughter to her home. She has been busy throughout the year doing her duties as a powerful daughter on this earth.

This daughter is different. Long ago when respect for women, freedom of less powerful and concentration of intellectuals were disturbed by some negative elements, influential of that time chose this girl named Durga to destroy these negative elements. They trained her in all skills necessary for any battle. Once she was fully trained she was sent to perform action. The biggest enemy of that time Mahisha was equally powerful and knowledgeable. So she targeted to fight with him first. The fight went on for years. None of them were in a position to give up. But suddenly at a particular moment when Mahisha looked at this girl with disrespect that gave this girl an extra power to destroy Mahisha. Although that was a win but it was symbolic win. Then on this girl is busy killing negative elements by entering our consciousness.


This is the time of year when she comes back home and it’s time for us to introspect what all negative elements within ourselves were destroyed during this year and what all are remaining.

She is treated like a daughter and welcomed with lots of love and respect. She comes along with her kids. She has two daughters, one is symbol of knowledge and another one is symbol of prosperity. She has two sons as well. Both are great leaders. One leads by knowledge and another one by personality and power. Interestingly she brings Mahisha, the negative power along with her but in a surrendered and defeated state to let people know that you are as good and powerful  as the bad that you fought against.


This is definitely a time to enjoy and have fun. All festivals make us realize that introspection and celebrations are a must to mark any project complete as this gives you energy and enthusiasm to start the new project. All wear new clothes and spread love and have good food together to mark this celebration a success.



– Stray Dog


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