Not too far… Not too late…

Interesting to note that another psychological milestone is approaching. There are no real signboards to indicate that, but we have made all our preparations. A year is ending and a new year is starting. No wonder this new year will have the same mixture of emotions that were present this year. I will meet new people and assume that they will be there forever till they are around. I will lose my dearest friends and repent every occasion where I did not make them feel that they are special, very special. I will hesitate taking initiatives for things that matter to myself and my dear ones. I will jump into action for things which hardly matters. I am confident nothing will change.

But not having hope that something better will happen is like committing suicide. Hope is the only thing that drives us and our collective hope makes this earth rotate.

A year that passed by is a year that we earned. Lots of time and energy was spent to earn that year. I must check my earning before investing in another year.

Year 2012 was when I was confused, overconfident and arrogant.

I could not write much because no thought came to my mind. No thought came to my mind because when the thoughts were in their infancy, I expected them to outperform and this killed them. I should be booked under law for ‘thought feticide’. The traits whom I should blame are arrogance and overconfidence.

I made some friends this year in my professional circle but lost touch with many who were always there with me. I know friends never go away and I should bother the least about them because they will be there when I need them but important fact is, was I a good friend to any? I tried thinking hard but unfortunately could not find any instance where I did my duty as a friend. In some occasions friends didn’t bother to ask me as they thought I was busy in my world and in other occasions I ignored them as I thought I was busy in my world. When I analyzed my world I found that there is hardly anybody there in it, not even me.

My existence as a social animal was as much unsocial as possible.

Overall I feel as if I was in some vacation for one year. Vacation from life and components that constitute life. Its time to return back to life and live. Most things that I lost can be gained back except some of my friends who left this world quietly while I was busy in my world. I will ensure this year should be a year dedicated to actions. I will not hesitate take any actions that my heart approves. How costly they may look, I will not hesitate. I will let every thought grow and see the blog-light. I will again reach out to my friends who made me what I am. I will live this life once again.

This new year is not too far and It is not too late to catch up life.

Happy New Year 2013!!!


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Not too far… Not too late…

  1. Sakti, i’m responding late to this post because I was travelling and so not checking my email. I appreciate your honesty and self-reflection in this post. It led me to do some self-evaluation. I came to a similar conclusion as you described. Hope I can reach out more to others in the New Year. God bless you, Sakti!

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