Tea = Prayer

“Why do you need to have Tea every morning?”, wife said.  “I hate when something overpowers me and I go dependent on it. Why should I let anything in this world over power me. I must stay strong and should not let anybody control me.”, Wife asked when a morning tea addicted husband demanded a cup of tea.

This made the husband think on the need. Thinking in the direction of addiction was not a pleasant path to follow but when you can not survive without something it is nothing better than addition. This made him think why at all he needs it.

A day for a grown-ups is nothing more than solving multiple puzzles till the day ends. Some days the puzzles are harder and in other days they are moderately complex. Not every puzzle gets solved on the same day. Some take days to solve and some never get solved. Over the years these unsolved puzzles accumulate at the corner of a brain which can not be accessed by one conscious mind. But these do not stay dormant forever. They try to come to the mainstream sometimes and disturb the human minds equilibrium. That causes confusion, tension and frustration. We usually name it as stress and this is cause of many worries and problems we humans face.

Now question is, how do we get rid of these unwanted, incomplete puzzles? There are many ways known to human race. Yoga, Meditation, exercise, devotional activities, good time spent with friends and family, stress bursting natural drinks or medicines. Except medicine others are very effectives and helps a human in many ways than just stress bursting but have to be practices moderately but on a regular basis. The moment you stop it starts  cropping up again over time. Medicine is not a true solution as that does not correct the problem but just temporarily eradicate the outcomes. That may have many other side effects unless those are Ayurvedic.

If you truly observe these all methods of stress bursting are nothing but surrendering yourself. When I say surrendering yourself it means not letting your senses govern you rather you disarm yourself by not considering your senses existence. You fight the entire day using the ammunitions called senses. They keep you busy entire day and you assume you are keeping them busy. This is the cause we can not look at the hidden corner of our brain where these unsolved puzzles abode. Disarming yourself by not giving any importance to your senses lets you look at that corner. Trust me some of these unsolved puzzles just need your attention. The moment you give them attention they vanish as if they never existed. You feel must relaxed and happy when that happens. So here you have to give “I” a side seat and surrender.

Taking tea in the morning or singing prayers do the same job as long as surrendering is common there. But if anything becomes addition or ritual then the purpose is absolutely long and should be avoided.


– Stray Dog


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