Can you read Instructions?


A husband entered his home at 11:00 PM at night after a long tiring day. As soon as his wife opened the door, he could see the upset wife is somewhere between angry, sad and scared. He tried to read the instructions from her face to understand his next course of actions to cool the temperature of home atmosphere and thought may be she is tired and needs somebody to ask how was the day.  So he lovingly asked, “How was your Day darling?”

Wife was tired due to 16 hours of non-stop homemaking responsibilities, managing unruly kids and waiting for the supposedly hardly caring husband. But did not expect her husband to ask her what she did for the entire day upon return because that will make her more upset. She wants her husband to just boost up her confidence, hope and spirit. She wants to complain but wants her husband to just listen and agree. Just somebody who can listen to her without giving any intellectual remark but should not keep quiet as well.

So the instruction that husband read from her face and the actual instruction were exactly opposite and caused some thunderstorm and heavy rain. 

We live just following instructions. Instructions can be external or internal. It can be verbal or non-verbal. Everything that happens wrong to us is because we did not read at least  one instruction carefully hence did not follow.

Now, “is this easy to read the instructions?”  Not at all!!! 

“Can we learn how to read every instruction?” Never!!!

“Then why are we even trying to understand it?”

That’s the fun part of life. There are some we can never win completely but we try to achieve it by putting all our efforts. Example, you will die one day for sure but you try to live as many years as possible and make preparations as if you are never going to die. You constantly try to beautify your life with money, matter and emotions but you always get pain due to these. So does that mean it is not worth trying. Not at all. These efforts are called life and when you give up to achieve these, you can call yourself dead.


– Stray Dog 


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