Moon talk – I

I was staring at the ever-changing world as usual. Some people enjoying their life and some frowning. Suddenly I saw entire world started merrymaking and cheering at once. I was surprised looking at this scene. I asked earth, “what happened?”. Earth replied smiling, “Don’t ask me? It is extremely difficult to understand the logic of this human race. They mark a certain date and time as beginning of my rotation and celebrate it as anniversary. They count their year starting from that rotation.”. I said, “Wow!!! So that was your anniversary.Happy Anniversary!!”.

“No! They marked it based on their religious, regional belief.They call every rotation of me as day and they number each rotation till I make a complete round of Sun. I take about 365 days to complete it. Various other groups celebrate some other days as the beginning.”

“It’s so much fun for you that you have people living on you and they notice every movement of yours. I am such an unlucky mass, nobody lives on me.”, I said.

“Trust me Moon, they look at you, dream about you and observe you more they do for me. You play a very important role in their life so don’t worry.”, earth said.

I was happy hearing this, combed my hair and double-checked my look so that they see best of me every time.

“I find this race funny many a times. They find reasons to celebrate and reasons to frown and then get so much involved in those that they forget that it is their temporary mental state which was mostly created by them.”, I said.

“True! This race was created to bring in change.I always prefer to stay in equilibrium. When there is an imbalance, I try to bring equilibrium hence this causes change in me. This race is specifically designed to create imbalance. This constantly changing me, makes me special planet in this cosmos.”, earth said and I could see a signs of pride on his face.

“But one day they will know this theory and they will not create imbalance. Then you will not get an opportunity to change. What will you do then?”, I asked.

“Do you think they don’t know this? They know everything. They know this since thousands of years. They know reason for their worry and problems in their life but the don’t remember those knowledge when they are doing the opposite. They know what is good or what is bad but they forget the existence of the other while doing one.  They know everything is temporary but while enjoying something they forget this truth knowingly and frown when the fun period ends. So, from this race I do not expect anything new. So don’t worry, I will remain the special planet and smartest planet for ever.”, earth said.

It was time for me to take a turn, “Bye for now! Will talk to you later”.


– Stray Dog


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