Stray Dog and Me


Stray Dog:

30 drafts and 0 posts since past so many days is pushing me down. Desire to write and fear of writing something that’s irrelevant is making me more confused and eroding the confidence in me. Not being in touch with people whom I respect is making me lonely when I am alone. It is a strange emotion and an emotion that is so difficult to express. Why I am not able to write something up to my satisfaction?


Loss of Dadu and blindness that is blurring my vision for future is one of the causes. Putting myself at an imaginary  level which I am not able to climb is another reason. Fear of repeating myself another most important reason.

Stray Dog:

So, what should I do now? Should I stop worrying about repeating myself? Should I bring my imaginary level to the ground so that I can comfortably reach there? Should bring back Dadu? Should I wipe the dusts out of my specs to regain vision?


You may! Your wish. You built it and you break it and you rebuild it. Your problem. I have nothing to say here but just remember you speak your heart out. Be truthful to yourself. Be honest. Your purpose was to unwind yourself and it looks like you forgot that in this journey. You called yourself as novice then promoted yourself as adolescent and then tried to reach adulthood but it looks like you think you failed to achieve it because you were never in a journey. You are still there where you started. So be real and carry the real spirit of stray dog. Do not carry a burden which do not exist. Good Luck!!



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