And the end…

It is since long I met Dadu. There were no need, as I was doing fine and no thought bothered me much. Somehow I felt like spending couple of minutes with him and if I get something to learn, it will be a bonus. Started my bike and went to park. To my surprise the park was completely destroyed and it was a plane land with some excavators and dumpers standing there with lots of guilt on their face. I could never imagine how in this age when we people are so aware about environment and heath destroy a park. Enquired with one small shop nearby to know what happened. It was like no big deal for him. He said, “There was a court case between one builder and residents association. Builder won the case one week back. He is planning to construct a building for a shopping mall. This area will now prosper and I will be able to do better business if I take one shop in that mall. Earlier only health-conscious people used to come here and nobody used to buy anything from me.(laughed)”. I was shocked at the understanding about prosperity but realized arguing with him will not help anybody gain anything. “But where is Dadu?”, I asked myself and enquired with a group of seniors sitting near the tea stall and having tea. One of them came out of the group, took me little far from others and said, “Son, he is no more. Last week he passed away in his sleep. He was very anxious few days before his death and was searching for you everyday in the park. You youngsters forgetting old people is not surprising but I am surprised to know that you never gave your telephone number to him. Anyway he has left a message with me for you. That’s the letter he was holding in his hand when he died”. He handed over the letter to me.

I felt as I have been orphaned. Guilt of not being able to meet him when he needed me overpowered all other emotions. I went to the approximate spot where me and Dadu used to sit and sat on the ground. Opened the letter.

Dear Son,

Contradictory need of humans make this world beautiful as well as ugly. Things around us might have increased, we may have many choices and number of good as well as, bad things around us might have increased but total number of emotions we have are constant and will never change. You may get overwhelmed by the choices around you, worried by the number of problems before you but if you try evaluating all choices and problems by your emotions, you will find it easy.

When you will get this letter this park might not exist. The reason is nobody had put any effort to stop it. I needed people to help me protest it but most of the youngsters who are businessmen found the idea of making a mall more beneficial for the society than keeping the park. Some said a mall will increase the amount of business they do hence it will help increase the economic status of the people in and around it. Increase in economic status will reduce many crimes which people do due to poverty. I had no energy to change their mindset but I was desperately searching for youngsters like you who can understand my point of view and help me protect this park. Today was the last day to protect it but I could not do anything.

In your journey you will find many people with contradictory views and you may feel they are wrong but if you ever think in their point of view and needs prospective, you will find they are right in their point of view.

Point of view cannot determine whether something is right or wrong, holistic view can. I want you to work continuously to make people aware of every situation in an holistic approach and let them decide what they want to do. Do not criticize their point of view or preach your point of view. Take best advantage of human birth to understand and share every situation in a holistic view. If you get confused or need help, refer the great books that our ancestors have written based on thousand years of wisdom. 

I am not feeling well and may receive divine call at any moment so I thought of writing this letter.

May god give you all strength to achieve this.



This ended my discussions with a great soul. I believe in rebirth so I am sure Dadu will come someday in some form to me and continue showering his blessing in form of knowledge.


– Stray Dog


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4 thoughts on “And the end…

  1. Painful death. But as you said, “I believe in rebirth so I am sure Dadu will come someday in some form to me and continue showering his blessing in form of knowledge.”, not a major worry 🙂

    Good one!

    1. Sorry for confusing you. This is part of Tete-e-tete with Past series and this is the last one. If you click on Tete-eTete with Past category, you will get the entire series.

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