It’s not over yet!

Vishal sitting in his cabin with his heads down. He is deep in his thoughts to overcome the challenges he has in front of him. 8 years at one position and one role had made himself almost redundant. He used to spend his time almost doing nothing. A sudden management change has put him in a different role altogether. When he started 8 years back with this company he was in his 20s and bachelor. He was full of energy and zeal to learn and overcome every hurdle. But at this age and continued relaxed job profile had made his bit slow-moving and slow thinking object. Although people like him a lot for his nature but hate him for being there enjoying life and doing nothing. He created enemies around him for his relaxed job profile.

His new role is very demanding and people who were not so happy or jealous with him were observing very closely to see him failure. It seemed as if their only aim in life is to see Vishal fail. Vishal unaware of these was worrying most about his ailing wife. He believed work can be managed somehow but life has to be managed with complete knowhow. He was given a task by his manager which was extremely complex for him but he thought as if he can spend all his life to complete it and delayed it. Time came for evaluation and he was evaluated as a non-performing member and has been put on a 6 weeks plan where he has to prove his performance else leave the company at will.

Same morning he had a meeting with his wife’s gynecologist  who suggested some mandatory tests to be done for his wife. At work, he received a plan and a list of tasks to be completed within next 6 weeks to help survive his job and in the same evening his wife was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her uterus. He was much worried about his wife’s health when his 7 years old daughter came and hugged  him and showed his report card where she has scored top in all subjects. He was very happy for his daughter but was not sure about the intentions of the tears coming out of his eyes endlessly. The last time he had seen his tears flowing is when he used to fight with his sisters in childhood. But then they used to stop when mother used to come and mediate and speak in his favor. But this time there is no mother, nobody to mediate and most importantly no one in this world to support him.

He went to office next day at the regular time and scheduled one meeting with his manager to share his personal issues. Thinking this may help to get some days leave as well as get some salary advance. He does not have enough money to take her to the best cancer institute and start the treatment. Although treatment can be done through the insurance that his company provided but for that he has to have his job.

His meeting request was accepted by his manager and he did not hide anything before his manager. His manager listened to everything and responded as if it is not a big problem what Vishal is going through and he can manage all without taking leave and emphasized that taking leave or salary advance during this period is not allowed. The reason is company is not sure yet whether the employee will stay with the company or not. He pleaded and was almost about to touch his feet who was few years younger to him. But those behaviors were recognized as unprofessional by his manager and he left the meeting room.

Vishal continued his work at office and he was called his wife several times a day to ask about her health. He met with specialist in the evening and showed the report. They suggested immediate treatments. If he can not go to another city where the treatment is the best then he should start treatment immediately. And that treatment started with full fledge. Unfortunately it was in very advanced stage so in 4 weeks time doctor said, nothing can be done for her survival anymore. She may live for couple of more days. In the mean time he had taken leaves from office without notifying as his manager disallowed it. On Monday he went to office and saw his manager has called for an one on one meeting. He went to the specified room at specified time to find manager from Human resources and his manager waiting to give him two options. Either resign or will be thrown out forcibly. He agreed to resign and went home to see his wife was no more. He accepted all these realities of life silently without expressing any of his extreme emotions.  He could not understand how his office could not give him some time to handle his personal issues He  could not understand why god made his wife suffer with such an deadly disease when his daughter was so young and his professional life was a disaster. He could not understand justice process of life.

He completed the last rites of his wife and sent his daughter to his in-laws for further education and stay. He stayed alone at home and tried to evaluate why and what went wrong. Once upon a time, he was one of the key persons in the company and he was rewarded and recognized for that. His wife was one of the most healthy and jovial lady he has ever seen. How could he not take her for check up early and that finally claimed her life? What was that he did wrong?

He was in a suicidal mode. He was feeling life ending his life.Then a postman came and handed over a letter to him. He opened the letter and found a cheque from life insurance company for his wife. He noticed there the sum insured came to him as he had contributed regularly as premiums. He questioned himself, “Did I contribute the same way for every asset of his life?”. He realized “No”. He spent several days at work without contributing as nobody asked him to do anything more. He did not contribute for his wife’s health as she never complained about any problem. He just enjoyed the lack of demands from the world around him thinking there are no problems existing. He did never ask anybody what he has to contribute more than what he is already doing. If he would have put his efforts continuously to ensure he is contributing, he would not have landed up in such an devastating state. It is not the present which is bad but the past which haunted him. He realized that life in every front needs you to contribute regularly without rest to ensure a better future. Till you contribute, your life is intact, the day you stop contributing, your life’s policy lapses. Every moment you remain idle, life takes you close to death and the moment you start contributing, you go farther. Here death may not be a literal death but a situation very similar to it. 

He realized that he is not done with his life. There is still many reasons and hopes to live and contribute to change his life and live it.


– Stray Dog


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One thought on “It’s not over yet!

  1. Sakti, how true! Never thought of it, but I guess we generally give only when it’s required of us. Instead of checking all areas of our lives to see if any need to be nurtured back to a healthier state. Thanks again for helping us reflect on those spiritual areas we sometimes neglect.

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