Making of Future … II (Unrest continues)

Saturday, 6:15 AM July 9th 2011:

Place: City Park

“During 1975 emergency there were many movements. Every parts of India was involved. It was hundred times bigger that this agitation. You can call that as the biggest movement after freedom movement. And remember at that time you did not have Television or Internet to give instant information but still large number of people gathered. Unfortunately the outcome of that was disappointing. Most of the politicians you see in current India were the participants of that movement. Now you see how unethical and corrupt they are. Do you know why that movement failed? It failed because participants of that mass movement only focused on what the people in power must do to make this a great nation but they failed to equally influence the citizens to do their part of the duty. They just focused on the superficiality building the nation than building and strengthening the roots. Many leaders from colleges involved in that movement had only political aspiration which you can say aspiration for power. Power is not in six packs but somewhere deep within. Friends, We must refrain from doing the same mistake again. We must strengthen the root. Change the mentality of every individual by spreading awareness and developing confidence. We need a knowledgeable and confident Bharat. We do not want the problems to haunt us again and again. Let us solve the problems from the root. Let me give you one example, The problem is that many people are leaving farming as profession and taking some other alternative profession. They are selling their land to builders to get a lump sum money. This is because they are confident that Farming can not give them a prosperous life. Farmers should be confident that farming can make them prosperous and they need not look for alternate jobs. They must also be aware that what all scientific methods they can use to achieve this. Scientists must work towards innovating better methods/techniques for farming which is nature friendly yet modern. This will make us powerful. I hope you understand my point here. Okay lets track the progress regarding solving the problems that we listed as our priority.” Sukumar said.

Swagat was very excited and said, “Yes, these fasting fashion is all show-off. Just Drama. We should not support these people.”. 

Sukumar interrupted, “No, I am not saying the movement that is lead by these leaders are not useful. It is very much necessary. I am saying there should be effort in all directions. When in one side some leaders are keeping government on its toes at the same time we must work on building and strengthening the roots. We need movement in both direction. And for gods sake please do not use the words like drama and show-off. Try fasting for one day for the nation and then see how tough it is. It is not a joke my dear friend. We are a nation of 1.2 billion people. Let some work on protesting for misuse of power and some in strengthening the root. We will achieve collectively. We may not follow their path but we must support them.”

Vivek listened to all carefully. This was his second meeting with the Bharat Nirman group.

Sunday 10th July 2011:

Unrest all over the country. Students from all over the country were involved in this agitation. Some student groups attacked the government offices and have beaten government corrupt officials to death. Police had to fire at the mob to bring law and order which caused death of some students. Naxals have taken advantage of the situation. Naxalites have taken control over some of the districts of Orissa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. Some leaked reports came out mentioning that the people in major posts in government and leaders of many political parties have huge amount of money deposited in foreign banks. This added to the unrest. People in power although sounded arrogant but they were really scared. They did not expect this movement to take this kind of shape. The only option they had to take the control back in hand by declaring it as a National Emergency.

Nobody ever imagined that there can be another emergency in India. Nobody thought that anybody in current government had guts to declare emergency. The whole day there were several meeting at the power centers.

9:00 AM Monday 11th July 2011:

President of India declared National Emergency under article 352 of Indian constitution. President justified saying the political unrest, continued agitation, reports of terrorist attacks and Naxalite attacks is the cause of this. It felt like entire nation stopped. Everybody were in front of the television or Internet. Gradually one by one many TV channels were shut down.  

(To be continued)


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