Making of Future … I (Unrest)

Monday 11:30 AM, 6th June 2011:

Second tea break as per routine since morning was over. Kartik was very happy remembering the face of the boy he scolded serving tea at the tea shop because he did not give tea in time. He had to wait for 10 minutes to get his much deserved tea. He was also very happy because he almost made everybody quiet by putting his argument why we should not support the ongoing movement against corruption and the way he described his lead as a monkey wearing a big wall clock.

Monday 11:07 AM, 6th June 2011.

“These people are just doing it for publicity. Don’t you see how the opposition party is supporting him? Actually this so called Sadhu had struck a deal with the government. Government had almost agreed to his demands. But he found that if he does not do the fast then his political dream will be shattered and at the same time opposition party made a deal with him. His political ambition is behind all these drama. Don’t unnecessarily waste your time being emotional about this black money and corruption. Nothing will happen finally. Ultimately our time will be wasted and we will find ourselves nowhere. Corruption is in the blood. We have to survive with it. I have applied for my Visa. Within next 3 months, I will be outside this country. Make money and live a peaceful life abroad. You guys do that. There is nothing left here.” Kartik tried to put his point to stop all friends from participating in one gathering that Vivek suggested. Most of them were convinced by Kartik except Vivek. Vivek chose to keep quiet although he did not agree. “Chalo, have to work? That monkey will ask, ‘Why are you taking so many long breaks?’ If I were a cartoonist I would have drawn a monkey wearing a wall clock for Vishal. What an idiot he is? When I will quit, I will mention him as the reason for my resignation. Hopefully then he will learn a lesson.” Kartik said. Others laughed imagining Vishal as a monkey wearing a wall clock.

Saturday 6:15 AM, 11th June 2011:

Vivek started from his home to attend a meeting in a city park. Many like minded people gathered to discuss about corruption in the city and how to eradicate corruption. They discussed about spreading the awareness among people by helping people understand the correct procedure in various public service departments. Vivek took up the task to meet all the people in their society and help people have their voters identity card. They also planned to ask people what all government services they avail and which all places they had to pay bribes to get the work done. That will give them the idea about which all places they have to work. Similarly others took up various other tasks. They planned to meet every second Saturday of the month to discuss the progress and make any other plans.

Thursday 4:00 PM, June 30th 2011:

Government announced that the final draft of the Lokpal bill is ready. Minister said it unfortunate that the civil society did not be participate as they boycotted the meetings and were busy doing fasts and blame game. Government also said that getting this draft ready was more important for them than involving in blame game. The draft bill did not include majority of the posts. Only lower and middle level government officers were covered in that bill.

Friday July 1st 2011 – Sunday July 3rd 2011 :

Many leaders of anti corruption movement declared that they will protest for this fascism of government. Many religious leaders from almost all religion participated in that. There were millions of people across the country came on road to support the protest. It was declared as Bharat Bandh by some political parties in opposition. Everywhere debates, talks and anti government slogans. Some for the cause and many for fun joined the crowd. Crowd was increasing at various grounds of the capital. People from many states were coming in train, bus and some by doing padayatra. Government was adamant on it’s stand and so are people.

11:02 AM Monday July 4th 2011:

A leader for anticorruption movement was giving a speech in front of lakhs of people. He was suggesting to maintain peace, have patience but not give up. He was also advising to continue Yoga so that we stay prepared for the ongoing battle. Then suddenly a man holding a revolver came running from the crowd to the front and shot the leader. There was a chaos on the ground. People started running out of the ground causing stampede. Police arrested the shooter immediately. Others members on the dais came to hold the leader and take him to the hospital. He was declared dead in the hospital. Police immediately gave a press statement that the person who has shot the bullet was from an extremist group. Nearly 72 people died on stampede. Most of them were from remote villages. There were unrest everywhere. Government announced in various media to maintain peace but without any impact. Fearing riots curfew was declared in major cities.

7:00 AM Tuesday July 5th 2011:

Kartik’s son suddenly started vomiting. Whatever he is taking, he is throwing out. He started giving the medicines that he had in his home but nothing is working. He called doctor but doctor said he will not be opening his clinic today due to curfew so he had to take him to the general hospital. He advised not tot take to any private hospital because there will be no doctors. So Karthik thought he will wait for sometime if the situation gets better as they had given some medicines.

9:30 AM Tuesday July 5th 2011:

Kartik’s son became serious. He had almost lost his consciousness. He took his car out. His wife was holding his son and was sitting in the back seat. Curfew had already started since 8:00 AM. Road were empty and only police and paramilitary vehicles were there on the road in almost in every kilometer. He was stopped by a police officer. He explained the situation. Policeman said it may be risky and would they like a police van to follow them. He thanked the police officer for his help. Looking at the luxury car, police officer thought of making a deal. He said, we are 4 policemen, you must give Rs. 500 each. Kartik immediately agreed. His wife protested that it is their duty to help us, why money. But Kartik ordered her to keep quiet and take care of the kid. He also blamed his wife for this situation for not taking care of the kid hence this problem. They reached hospital. There were no specialists in the hospital. One intern checked the kid and asked to admit him. He went ahead with the procedure. There were no bed available. He had to bribe Rs 5000 to get one bed in the hospital. His kid’s situation deteriorated hour by hour. They called a pediatric doctor but doctor did not come. till evening 7:00 PM. There were several hundred patients were waiting for the doctor. So, that doctor was not giving very serious attention to any of the patients. Although Kartik tried in many ways but his turn came at 9:30 PM. The doctor advised some medicines.

1:30 AM Wednesday July 6th 2011:

His son started vomiting blood. Nobody was there to help. Kartik ran one place to another but could not get any doctor.Finally at 3:00 AM doctor came and found that there was a reaction due to the medicine. Immediately he was taken to the emergency and around 5:00 AM he was okay. He was discharged after 2 days.

9:00 AM Monday 11th July 2011:

State of emergency was declared.due to continued unrest in all over the country.

(To be continued)


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