Tete-e-Tete with Past … III

“News of separation from my friends who are either engaged or married was disturbing. I never expected this kind of news I will get from people I know. I always thought it is other’s problem. Here other’s I mean, people who are outside ‘I, we and our’ circle. I observed many of my friends who are in early or mid twenties are spending a huge percentage of time in building a partnership, more time than that in trying to save that relationship and rest of the time in sorrow when the relationship is broken. Romantic relationship is as good as divine relationship but spending so much of time in the construction and destruction that there is no time in going forward with the relationship is bit worrisome. Specially when young mass of the society is needed desperately in research, innovation and serving the mankind.” I said thoughtfully. “Chill dude!! You are so boring!” Dadu said and I was surprised to see his wordings and attitude. “Enjoy the moment and forget about the worries. Life is all about enjoying. Who knows ‘Kal ho na ho’. Only talk interesting topics, when you get bored, talk about another interesting topics. At the age of Munni and Sheila, you are hopeless.”  he added. I was not sure whether I am talking to the same person or somebody else. Then suddenly saw him laughing loudly so much that everybody in the park started looking at us.

“This is the attitude of youngsters. They need enjoyment so much that they are scared of boredom. Have you observed yourself or any youngster sitting doing nothing for sometime. No mobile, no Television, no external source of enjoyment. You always have a need for enjoyment. You need external sources to make you feel happy. They expect the same from their partner as well. They expect their partners to only make them happy. So, partner is like a song or a mobile phone. Then obviously after some days you will get bored because your partner is also another human. How many days do you think two people can entertain each other? After some days, Partners will become judgemental and advice you what is wrong and what is right, they would like you to understand and solve their problems and many more unpleasant talks.  So, when entertainment channel stops broadcasting what you like, you stop caring about that channel because you think you have no right to get bored. Then you start looking for other channels. Am I making sense?”.

“Yes,  Several developed countries valued lifelong relationships but gradually due to this attitude breaking relationship is like a custom in those societies. If youngsters are so busy in this activity when they will do take part in nation building. Now you can not deny saying this generation has no problems. Am I right? ”.

“ Ha Ha !!, You want to fight with me.” he joked and then said, “ You are right in saying that many societies have lost the value system and they are suffering due to that. The attitude to always keep yourself entertained is not unnatural.Have you observed your kids? They play with whatever available with them at that moment. If nothing is there they will find something to entertain themselves. They even make up stories and tell that to entertain themselves. So this need is natural. But what is necessary is the wisdom to differentiate between humans and other entertainment objects.Understanding that relationships, that they are not for fulfilling ones need but fulfilling others need. Slight difference but very important. Also, vital to learn how to withstand boredom. If a youngster like you can come and sit with an old man for so much of time, I am sure you can withstand boredom. Make more friends then this problem will be solved.” he laughed. I was not very much convinced with the solution but got a ray of hope that it can be solved.


– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Tete-e-Tete with Past … III

  1. Sometimes you met someone..some strangers…but that puny memory is like an ant in elephant nose…tease you alot but you feel ecsatic…but you never know whether you will meet the stranger again or not…when there is a Love ..everything will automatically take back seat…

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