My Irritating Companion

She was hiding behind the door when I reached home. I opened the door, entered into the house and sat on my chair. She was behind me. I did not notice her at all. She was around, when I finished my day end work and went up to bed. She did not show up at all. While I was sleeping she waited outside the mosquito net.

I got up early morning. As soon as I opened my eyes, I got one topic to write a blog. I rushed to the drawing room. She came behind me. When I was writing my blogs, she was busy tickling and irritating me. I was ignoring her as if, she does not exist. She was touching my nose, then on my ear, etc. Suddenly I got irritated as she was breaking my concentration. I looked around but could not find her anywhere but could hear her song. I went to the medicine rack and took ‘one cream’. Applied on my body and came to continue writing my blog.

She was around me but could not touch me due to the smell of the medicine. I could write my blog with full concentration. She sat on the floor next to me read and reviewed my blog and tried to convey her opinion through one humming sound. I am not capable enough to understand her comments.

When I finished writing, I read it for the last time before publishing and then clicked on publish button. Now she was curious to see how is the information just written, goes on web by a button click. She came and sat on my laptop screen. Carefully observed the entire process but could not understand anything. She only saw a flying paper going from one briefcase to another. She thought, “What non-sense?”.

I was busy setting the tags and categories etc on my blog page. When the effect of the cream was over, due to heavy sweating, she came and sat on my nose and started singing, I felt as if she is appreciating. I took my hand to scratch my nose as it was itching. She flew from there and sat on my ears and started her mischievous activities. I again took my hand there and she flew and sat on my head. As she was sitting on my hair, I could not feel it. Sitting there, she was reading my final copy of the blog with lots of concentration. She found it interesting so was fully engrossed in reading forgetting what is happening around.

My Irritating Companion

I was done with my final read. I moved my fingers through my hairs to set my hair correctly and unfortunately she was smashed in that. If she would not have been busy reading my blog and would have followed her natural instinct, she would have survived. This is how I lost my irritating companion.


– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

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5 thoughts on “My Irritating Companion

  1. Thank goodness, another irritating unwanted companion put to rest! 🙂
    Sakti, this is a wonderful story. That ‘one cream’ you used to ward the pest away sounds like a good thing to have! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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