Back to future… II

“Hey Sheila, have you met the cool dude? The one who comes in a trendy bike” Munni asked with curiosity in her all facial expression. Sheila said, “Ohh Purushottam!!! Yeah I have met him but he is a tough guy to break. He never cares about anybody except studies and his social activities. In order to get close to him we have to either do good in studies or join in those painful social activities. And don’t call his bicycle as bike, it makes me feel it is a motor bike” Sheila said with great frustration.”You know what? I called him Puru the other day, he turned back and gave me a funny look and said, Respected Lady, there was a naming ceremony happened for me, where my parents announced my name in front of entire galaxy as Purushottam. If you can honor that, I will be grateful. Also my name means the best man in this universe. When I listen to it, I get the motivation to become one like Lord Raam.” with greater frustration and anger Sheila  continued , “There used to be a time when people used to die for the beauties like me, they used to think about us like day and night, but now you see these youngsters not even giving me a glance. They are busy making something useless. Dumb heads!!”. 

Munni said, “Then why are you bothered about them. Stay with your beauty and wait for others to come. But unfortunately now the fashion is different and style is different form those early 2010s. You are saying they are busy making something useless. They are not making something useless. They are building our future.”. Sheila said, “What a boring future?”, Munni instantly replied “You will never understand as you have a old mentality”.

Munni ran to the class room as teacher was expected to come.  As soon as they saw teacher coming, all students stood in the class room doing Namaste Mudra. Teacher came in and stood near his chair. All recited a powerful chant which was to spread and maintain peace in every nook and corner of this galaxy. Then they sat and started their study on Thermo-dynamics. Every student have their own lab, provided by college. They understand every chapter by practically understanding it. They understand every aspect of the subject before coming to class room. Class rooms are merely question and answer sessions. Students mostly come up with new ideas in these sessions. They have invented several small and medium machines for the help of farming, road making and watering. Munni went back to hostel after the class. Their hostel was in the middle of a forest. Once upon a time, it used to be vacant land and one builder was about to construct a big housing colony here. Due to protest and other legal issues it stopped. Pushottam’s father started an afforestation drive and planted trees here.Then they constructed huts here and called those as hostels. Students stay with nature and grow their own food. Teacher’s stay with them but with their family. Students do all their tasks themselves. Munni went inside her hut and found their Machine Drawing teacher’s wife was coming out of her hut. She did namaste to her, then her teacher’s wife said that she had prepared some Kheer and came to keep a little for you. She thanked her, did Namaste as she left. She went to bed at 7:30 PM after dinner.

Next day morning Munni and all her classmates gathered at the open space on the east to do their morning physical and breathing exercise. They did prayers based on their religion and went back to huts. This is the regular activity expected from anybody. Purushottam is the one who has mastered in some level and is ahead of others. Summer vacation started from that day after completion of semester examinations.

Purushottam went home in vacation. It was just few miles from hostel. He goes by bicycle to his home. They are very rich. They feed 15 needy people everyday, they have their own home for orphans and elderly people. They make sure all kid in their locality goes to school and stays there. They manage their time well to get time for all activities. They have great will power to do these. Except excess money they have everything to be called as rich in true sense. They have sold their ancestral bungalow and stay in this hut, They do farming. They grow different food items depending on the season. Not only them but many in that locality came back to farming.  They all used to be software engineers once upon a time. Rising food price and inflation in 2020 kept everybody hungry. They had money but no food to buy. Many went abroad like Sheila’s parents but Purushottam’s father started this farming movement. Now everybody has enough to eat and they feed other’s too. They have constructed canals and did water conservation to ensure ground water is restored. Now you will see 34 ponds in this area and 20 lakes. Many came back from abroad and the situation there was not as good as ours. So, Sheila’s father came here to let her daughter study here. She is finding it bit strange here but her father and friends are trying to tell her that this is your root and this is the truth.

King of that city called for a meeting. Sheila was surprised to hear that there is a king in this city. All went to the meeting on a open ground meant specifically for kids to play hockey our national game and these kind of meetings. He heard that people some people are using motor bikes in this area and requested all not to do so. There were no police there. The punishment is only social. Everybody in the society will agree upon a punishment and follow that. That day, Sheila’s father’s cell phone rang when a prayer was going on. From next day till one month he was not allowed to enter the premises. He had to stand outside the premises and offer his prayers. King in this city is an elected member but there is no time limit. People have power to call him back and elect another one if more than 70% of the city wants so. During this King’s tenure this city kids brought Hockey world cup three times for Bharat.

Sheila’s father came with an idea to open a electronic’s shop so that he can sell the latest equipment’s invented in foreign countries but he found here people have everything they need and do not use electricity unless absolutely necessity. So he was disappointed but he also started farming and decided to continue doing so. Hope, Sheila will understand this one day.


– Stray Dog


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7 thoughts on “Back to future… II

  1. God must send tons of grace to you. You are utilizing your skills in best possible way!! Lovely!

    Do write “Back to the future” series regularly! This is one of the best ways to imagine and invite favorable future!!

    And I am sure, this beautiful future is waiting for us eagerly….our readiness to accept it will allow her future to come in our life as early as possible.

    Let us prepare ourselves for amazing future!

    Thank you for writing!

  2. Nothing much can say..i start leaving in this world…and want to leave in it only….What an idea sirji.

    I can sense the fragrance of this world in my body really…it pour so much harmony and happiness that i can’t describe..

    I am going to share this also on my FB…

  3. Perfecto! You hit it right on the head. A story with great message, many people who do not read this story will learn this from life….only after 4-5 years! thanks for writing, simply love it.

  4. I really found your writting very interesting and wanted to read you more. That why I sent you request.

    Thanks for writting on such sensible and beautifull thoughts

    Looking forwarding to reading you more

    Like and appreciate your writting a lot

  5. Namaste!!

    I read some of your writtings shared by Dharshak and liked it so much that sent you request.

    Thanks for writting on such topics which churns our inner being and leaves us thinking.

    Looking forward to read more from you.

    Like and Appreciate your writting a lot

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