Moon Tumaku Bhalapaye (I love you)

“Did you get something that I sent you?” after accumulating courage for last 3 days, consulting three and half friends, spending sleepless nights since last 3 nights he could ask this question to Anuradha. He had sent one poetry cum love letter with proposal to become life partner. Writing this poetry was not easy at all. It took seven days to write this poetry where this guy is famous for writing instant poetries. But when love of this form comes in to picture, all talents are incomplete and smartness vanishes through right nostril. The Anuradha replied “Yes” casually, no excitement, no happiness, no anger, no emotions at all. He was confused. He was not sure whether she accepted the proposal or not. If yes, then she should have been shy, happy, excited etc. If not, then she should have been angry, upset or something negative. But here it is neither of these. He could not stay confused for long and asked “So, what do you think”. “About what?!!” Anuradha questioned. This guy decided to break all barriers and ask straight question. “I had sent you one poetry, Did you understand it?”. She replied “No, I studied in English medium school and I do not understand Bengali”. “I had written that in Odia, not Bengali. I thought Odia is your mother tongue” he was annoyed. “Ohh, I do not know Odia as well. Can you translate that in English for me?” Anuradha said. This guy was poor in English and writing poetry in English is like learning Chinese in 7 days. As they noticed head of the department was approaching, they both went to their class room.

He did not get the opportunity to find her alone throughout the day and for the rest of the week. Every night he used to stay awake and think how to convey the message to her that he loves her and can not live without her. His friends suggested, “Go and tell her directly. Why do you need to write poetry to propose, just go and tell her ‘I love you’”. Courage to propose directly was difficult for a shy person like him, it was difficult than writing poetry or letter in English too.

His frustration now transformed to anger and that too, anger on his parents for making him study in vernacular medium not English medium. If he would have studied in English medium school, he could have written poetry in English and got his love. But his mother tongue did not help him here.

– Stray Dog


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