Corruption Series: Understanding Corruption

My father believes that corruption is an integral part of this society is not possible to eradicate We all have learnt bribing much before we learnt the meaning of money. Bribing something in order to get something accomplished is taught to every kid by his parents. My father also shared me that when he got his first job and came back to my hometown for the first time then one of aunts of the same neighborhood asked him “So, How much is the salary?”. My father answered and immediately the second question was “And, how much is upuri (bribe)?”. Although he did not have any scope of taking or giving bribe but he understood that his seniors are expecting him to take bribe and bribe is not a bad. He said this understanding was there for a long time.

I sometimes get confused as well. If a lineman of BSNL telephone comes to your house to fix something and at the end of it he expects some money, is it bribe or tips. If somebody gives me service and I am happy with his service will it be called as bribe if I pay him some money?

If I do not have proper documents or I want to get something done out of procedure and I may get into deep trouble for not getting that done, then if the person does the work and expects me to pay some money, is it corruption or price of appreciation or bribe or price for taking risk?

I remember in July 2008, when my Son, Navneel was born and my house was full of relatives to see new-born baby. My LPG cylinder exhausted. We were so busy for last couple of weeks that we also had forgotten to fill the standby cylinder. Then I ran to the LPG office and asked them to take an urgent request. They said as per collectors fresh order we can not deliver LPG cylinder unless you show us your ration card. I said “ I will get my ration card done as soon as possible but I need a gas cylinder immediately. We do not have any option to prepare today’s lunch”. They denied and insisted that unless I show my ration card they will not take my request for LPG cylinder refill. I was not sure what to do as I enquired with all the people I knew and they said they do not have a spare LPG cylinder. Then after two hours of request to the officer and parallel search by contacting friends, their friends and their friends fortunately I found one of my friend’s friend has one spare cylinder but they agreed to give me that with a condition that I must return within a week. I had no option other than agreeing any condition. Fortunately I got my ration card done in 2/3 days, requested for a gas cylinder and returned a full cylinder in the time I promised. In case I could not have got any spare cylinder from anyone and the officer in LPG office would have asked me some money, I am sure I would have paid. So, How would I consider this? Bribe or money for timely help.

Assume the government comes home and does his work and asks me to pay some money as I wish and give a receipt against it. 50% money received should be for the person and rest 50% goes to employee welfare fund on that division wouldn’t it me great?

Assume, you have provisions to get some works done without necessary documents by paying handsome fine, won’t it help the needy and the money collected should again go to employee welfare fund of that division.

I am little knowledgeable in this matter but when something is not working that means there is a problem somewhere else as well. It is not just that people are greedy.

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2 thoughts on “Corruption Series: Understanding Corruption

  1. As we are human being, it’s in our nature to give benefit of doubt to our selves, if not every time than most of the time and this applies to all of us. For example if we are in needy situation, I mean we need something badly although it comes out of defined procedure, than we tend to favor our self. Tip is something which doesn’t affect the completion of work, either you give or not give, you will be able to get your work done but same doesn’t apply to bribe.

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