Four Phases of a Software Engineer

“My Manager had a unique way of presenting his ideas. I have never seen anybody rejecting his proposal. His way of portraying things is one of the many qualities that I want to learn” a software engineer of his mid thirties said to his colleagues. This is so surprising to hear good things about his manager, he was the person who revolted most of the times against his manager and tried to get more support against his manager so that he can throw his manager out of this company. He hated his manager for always boring him by giving long and boring lectures. He always thought his manager is partial towards some people. His career has been suppressed by his manager that’s what he used to claim. And now he is trying to gain the same qualities.

It reminds me of different phases of human life and if you notice every software engineer goes through these phases unknowingly.

Child: A fresh out of college joins a company. He tries to learn everything that he finds around him. Everything excites him. He questions every rule that is there. He tries to take steps without any help most of the times and fails. He gets up and tries again. He is never tired. He has never give up attitude.

Adolescent: After gaining some knowledge, some success and some independence the young boy thinks he knows everything. He does not think that so-called seniors really know a lot and does not think that anybody has any role in his success so far. He is very efficient and can do everything independently. People are not giving him the opportunity as well as independence due to various reasons. He is upset most of the times for many reasons surrounding him. This is the phase when they do most job hopping. They search for a better place which can satisfy them and give them due credit. It continues because they are very difficult to satisfy.

Young: Now he has enough knowledge to work independently. People have started trusting him and allowing him to do the tasks independently. He is matured enough to know who has how much knowledge. He understands the difference between good work and bad work. He understands the industry better and he has started adapting things/rules which may not be very logical. He gradually stops questioning much.

Middle Aged: Now he is a successful software engineer with lots of grey hairs. He starts telling stories to younger people about his mentors and teachers. He also admits how he used to hate them then and now he is realizing how good they were. He has developed great listening skills, patience and great communication skill.

Note: Please read He as He or She.

– Stray Dog


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