Remote working exposes societal faultlines

Through my interactions with many people over the past few years, I’ve come to see how brilliantly equitable we are at work but blatantly discriminatory at home. Up until the office became an escape, everything was fine. Even if not all homes or workplaces are discriminatory and not all offices or workspaces are equally fair, corporate environments are often better because they must adhere to set policies and rules. Remote employment reveals societal flaws

You cannot install an air conditioner in your room during a temperature of 42 degrees because there are other rooms in the house where other family members reside, and you cannot afford to install air conditioners in all of those rooms. Additionally, installing an air conditioner in your workspace (if you even have one) will not look good. Being a woman makes it even more challenging.

When a husband and woman work from home together, the man typically gets an office or at least a set-up with a table, chair, and designated space, among other things. Most of the time, the wife may have given her husband space voluntarily. By now, everyone is aware of how having an ergonomically, physiologically, and mentally safe workspace affects our ability to perform successfully at work. In the long run, this may deter women from seeking employment or a career goal. It may also result in unpleasant marriages and lives, which will again have an effect on everyone.

Office space is one of the aspects, the other area is whether you work in between family responsibilities like cooking, child care, and other responsibilities or you get a fair 8 to 9 hours to work uninterruptedly.

As opposed to working from home, where some people may have an unfair advantage due to their family’s financial situation, access to infrastructure, etc., two persons working from an office have equal opportunities to perform and contribute in a work environment.

I am aware that going to work presents a number of challenges; as a result, firms must establish standards, regulations, and facilities to guarantee that every employee has an equitable environment to work. Work-from-home policies must be developed by the government to guarantee that workers are treated equitably in their actual working environments. Families must, above all else, make sure that their working members have a fair opportunity to further their careers.


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