Unhappiness Traps

Having an ambition in life and career is a great driver. In order to achieve the ambition we ‘Should’ sacrifice pleasure and wasting time and push ourselves beyond the limits. We have seen all successful people in this world had ambitions and they pushed themselves beyond their physical, mental, social limits to achieve what they have achieved.

We call people without drive for achieving greater as mediocre. We also advocate and teach our kids to reach the top. We feel miserable if we are not constantly growing in our career. As we grow older life adds more and more goals in personal, relationship, family, health, psychological and career front but we keep going to meet our ambitions carrying all these responsibilities on your shoulder. We can not forgive ourselves if we even think at any point to quit any of these responsibilities. We ensure we stretch ourselves to the limits and beyond. We overwork. This takes a toll on our health, relationship, family and personal mental health.

Happiness Trap that doesn’t let us loosen grip at any front

We end up being unhappy with our life situation. We can not be superhuman but we can not leave the thought that we are superhuman. Its a trap.

It is very much important to understand the trap and then find ways to loosen the grip in some places so that we can come out of it.

Remembers, traps are just three but are coming in different shapes and sizes.

  • Ambition
  • Personal and social ‘should’
  • Overwork

I am not asking your to drop them completely, rather I am asking, evaluate them carefully, question them rigorously and then take a calculated decision where to keep the grip and where to loosen.

Happiness Warrior


Published by Sakti

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2 thoughts on “Unhappiness Traps

  1. Awsome post Sakti!!

    traps are just three but are coming in different shapes and sizes.

    Ambition – Who’s ambition is it? – personally i feel its not even our own its imposed in such a way that we feel its our own.
    Personal and social ‘should’ – and MUST. Happiness and MUST can’t exist together
    Overwork – —Capacity * Time = work. “Time ” is constant” capacity varies based on knowledge and exposure.

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