Unknown Struggle

Long since I have written anything. No, it is not true that I did not attempt. I did attempt many times and wrote too but could not complete any.

Critics in me could never let me finish my thought. I had free times for thinking and at times I did not even find time to sit down but irrespective of the availability of time I could not get the noises in my brain silence so that I could write some meaningful stuff.

But, I have to start somewhere. I can’t surrender to the situation and do nothing about this external force to stop me from doing what gives me the most satisfaction.

Wait a minute…

Is it external force or internal? It seems something external has rented some space in my brain and not willing to vacate.

Who is it? Fear, anxiety, complacency or something. I do not know. If I would have known, definitely I would have shooed it away.

Anyway, this article is to fight that unknown who is sitting in my brain to confuse me and not let me do my stuff.

Below video is to better explain the situation Stray dog is in right now.


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

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