I am the one…

Dear God,

Hope you are doing well and this letter finds you in pink of your health. I have heard that you know everything hence there is no need to tell things in detail but what’s the harm in doing the obvious and telling the known stuff. Hence I will repeat.

I am the corrupt, violent, unsocial, greedy, inhuman gentleman this world is searching to punish. I am the one for whom they are demanding strict laws. I am the one for whom every individual has an opinion and their own flavor of punishment. I am the very individual who has looted many helpless individuals as bribes, I have destroyed the self respect and the spirit of life of many women and their families. I have hurt the sole purpose of existence of many people in the form of caste, creed or religion. When the truth is I am the one who hardly cares about caste, race, religion, gender or nationality but once I do anything that society does not accept they give a favor to my crime by saying I am either casteist, racist, sexist etc. I find it funny but as long as it satisfies my purpose of maintaining balance I have no issues. But the funniest part is they are trying to find me and punish me so that I get scared and do not repeat it. It is like they are trying to burn the book to kill the author. Or kill the author to destroy the philosophy. They are unaware that negative energy (crime) can not be created or destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. They do not know that energy is maintained on this earth by having the proper balance between positive as well as negative energy. I am helping this earth survive. If they do not like my current form they must try to convert me to another form which is more acceptable to them.

I am like the river on whom you have put a dam so the energy is accumulated and when it gets a chance to unleash it comes with great force. Some utilize it by extracting the energy to create electricity but if I am not used properly I sometimes create floods.

I will now explain you how I became the form what I am now. When I was a kid I was taught how to stand out, how to exercise my knowledge and energy to win others. When I do not know how to get things using positive I use negative. Because I was taught to just get and nobody emphasized on the right and wrong paths to get things. In some books they mentioned how but I did not see that is what the society is following. So I ignored them. I have seen suppression of certain members at homes both mentally as well as physically and the pride in the lip lines of the suppressing members. I always found that the suppressing members are respected more both at home as well as society. So, when I grew up I suppressed as many as I could by any means. It that means brutal torture they so be it. I am not doing anything other than what I was taught.

Now although I know they can never catch me and punish me because I am present in each of them but my complaint here is that I was made by this society. This society had taught me to became the way I am. Why is then this society is behind me. If they already know this and they know that this needs a social change, why not they focus on that rather than finding one particular head which they want to roll down. Who will tell them this. Hence I am writing this letter to you.

Tell them, I am ready to change, if they focus on me rather than doing any kindly of publicity stunt.

The Criminal


– Stray Dog


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