“That guy (winked), thinks that he is a very good developer. After 11 years of experience in writing code still his code does never work first time.” Druv said and laughed. Ajit gave a cold response saying, “Everybody knows this including him. He tells this openly and admits that he has this problem. But the kind of  logic he comes up with is unmatchable.”. Druv, who joined recently found it difficult to gossip about this topic more and it is something everybody is aware. He switched to another topic. Knowing your incapability or lacking, understanding the cause of it and admitting it in public makes it easy to overcome.

People gossip about you when they know something about you which you don’t. It might be related to appearance, mannerism, habits or thought. Knowing yourself in your eyes and being answerable to self before end of the day is very important. It is also important to understand when and how people are perceiving you in a different way than what you intend to be perceived.

Many a times we mean something but are perceived in an entirely different way. But if we are good in expressing our intentions openly and clearly then this kind of misunderstanding can be avoided. 

Many a times our body language or mannerism creates a cloud on top of our intention, hence it is perceived in an entire different way. For example, Some people get irritated by hearing any shrill voice and this causes them to dislike the person with shrill voice although there is no valid reason to dislike. But before the person starts talking to any new person, if declares that “I have a shrill voice and I know some feel uncomfortable with this.I have no way to  change it. So can you please tolerate me”. Then that person not only made sure others start understanding his/her intention but also start liking him/her more. He won half his battle by just admitting it. Similarly many people have certain problem which they hardly have any control on. If they admit that and then continue, people will not only ignore that but also appreciate the person for being honest.

Sometimes you develop some bad qualities due to circumstances and if you realize that it is a problem and work on it, it will vanish. But if you do not care about it or do not accept it’s existence, then this will find it’s permanent residence within you. So admitting the truth or change and working on it will show the problem path to it’s next home.


–  Stray Dog


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