“We start every program by doing Vandana to Allah, Bhagawan or Jesus. We pray the mother nature and audiences whose existence makes everything happen. We pray the source of energy which motivates us, inspires us, helps us initialize, helps in the act and also helps us give the finishing touch. This is as per our tradition” a popular Bengali band Dohar said this before starting their performance at Open air amphitheater at Sayaji Baug. An amazing environment and excellent performance. They mostly sing Baul songs and use only traditional Indian musical instruments.

Thanking the source of inspiration, thanking the readers and thanking god for creating this environment is such a wonderful practice that almost every cultural activity in Bharat starts with. I never thought of it till date. How could I miss thanking all. Hence I came with this “Bandana” page.

I am novice in the field of blogging and I am intending to continue this passion forever. I came to this bloggers world assuming I am alone walking in a lonely lane. Walked for miles and then found some fireflies. I was scared and not sure whether I will be able to walk forward or not. Darkness and sound of silence was scary enough to step forward then these fireflies added to my scare. Then I dared to catch one. Surprisingly it transformed into a big glow of light. I was shocked to see this transformation. Then I could see a big ocean of knowledge behind the glow. That firefly was none other than another blogger who writes since last several years with knowledge and thoughts which are several hundred times more powerful than mine. I was overjoyed and I came running to that dark lane to walk further. I thank that blogger for inspiring me by reading my blogs, writing powerful comments and showing me some direction.

There were many butterflies on my way too. They came sat on my nose and tickled me here and there. I caught one of them too. They transformed to some genuine readers, Who usher me with some sweet comments in my blog to make me believe as long as there is simplicity in life, complexities can be avoided. I thank them for giving me importance for being a normal human being.

There were many who peeped at me, read halfway through, could not connect upon reading, did not dislike but could not like too. I thank them for their attention. As long as they are there I will keep on writing.

Walking on this lane made me away from my family for couple of hours day. They sat there and waited for me to come back. They not only waited there but cheered and inspired me to continue my walk. I thank them for their time and patience.

Nothing in these blogs are original and can ever be original. Everything coming from life, living beings and dead objects. They have already scripted and it is me who just read it with my limited knowledge. I can not survive without thanking them because I survive as they exist.

Every gratitude is incomplete unless I thank Bhagawan, Allah, Jesus, Wahe guru and whoever resembles my representation of supreme spirit for transmitting energy, power, thought through me. This includes my parents.




2 thoughts on “Vandana

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you about “Thank you” than your post on “Thank you”

    If triggered by heart (your emotional circuit in brain), Reverence and Gratitude are powerful weapons, designed to destroy majority of interpersonal issues in society.

    Unfortunately, due to overused logical circuitry in brain & tons of reflex programming, most of the times, our “Thank you” comes from this overused, programmed and calculative part of the brain and thus these powerful weapons have reduced to ineffective cultural customs.

    Let’s regain power of emotions, give work to heart and have life full of miracles.

    PS: Reflex programming: A reflex action, also known as a reflex, is an involuntary and nearly instantaneous movement in response to a stimulus. Write spelling of “hieroglyphics” 50 times and you won’t need to tickle your brain anymore, your reflex programming will take care. Similarly, if you program your emotions, outcome would be mechanical, predefined, predictable, non-significant & less impactful. I wish I learn to create new emotions every time I am asked to respond/create.
    Reflex is natural aid; reflect is humane.
    And I am glad for your reflection. Thank you.

  2. Yes. I am realizing this how these powerful emotions never impacted me so much till date in these more than 3 decades journey. Used the words that represent those emotions but never realized them to the depth I could have. I will certainly give some work to this heart and enjoy the miracles.

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