Signs of a Strong Person

Strength has never been a masculine character but from ages when we think strength we think muscles, heavyweight, and men. Even when we represent strong women we tend to wrap them in masculine robes. Although Bharat has always represented power as a feminine character but still mind tends to incline towards physical strength when weContinue reading “Signs of a Strong Person”

Just listen to Her

“Why do you have to put so much pressure on yourself? Just relax, and do what is absolutely necessary. A healthy mind is the first requirement for a fulfilling life. Then follows a healthy body, healthy relationship, good career, and healthy life. Just focusing on making your career healthy, you are missing the most importantContinue reading “Just listen to Her”

Vande Mataram (Salute to the Mother)

“Thank you for understanding the pain of a working mother”, One woman employee told to her manager when her manager carefully┬álistened┬áthe struggle that she goes through everyday managing her two kids and then cutting across the traffic of the city and showing the professional world a face that she is fine. She couldn’t get aContinue reading “Vande Mataram (Salute to the Mother)”

Women’s Day

Creating this world, filling it with happiness, adding spices to it and making this a place where we would love to live life is only possible by a woman. Home makers, bringing the entire world of happiness and fitting them in four walls is only possible by a woman. Keeping the heart above every otherContinue reading “Women’s Day”