Desire–The killer

Disturbing news about corruption, physical assault and crime disturbed Ramesh so much that he felt like taking a decision to leave the country.  When his wife asked ‘why?’ his answer was this place is not a safe place to live. I can’t raise my kids here. I can’t feel safe even after my death dueContinue reading “Desire–The killer”

Can you read Instructions?

A husband entered his home at 11:00 PM at night after a long tiring day. As soon as his wife opened the door, he could see the upset wife is somewhere between angry, sad and scared. He tried to read the instructions from her face to understand his next course of actions to cool theContinue reading “Can you read Instructions?”


“You are a science graduate, you have studied physics as your major, you have done research to break many age old myths. It is strange and unfortunate to hear that you believe in god. You think god will save your child. You think going to temple will bring prosperity to your family. It is a veryContinue reading “God?”