A day dream 2030!!! – 1

Daksh’s life is busy. Everyday travel to office sharp 8:00 AM. Just after kids leave for school because he wanted to avoid the traffic with a promise to his wife that he will come back by 4 before the home returning traffic takes its ugly shape. But his wife is confident that it will neverContinue reading “A day dream 2030!!! – 1”

Ice cream

My friend called for a late night party. All had gathered in Sitesh’s house and waiting for me. I started my bike and accelerated to its extreme. I know they are not exactly waiting as they said over the phone. They must have started the party by now. Two or three bottles would have finishedContinue reading “Ice cream”

The hypocrite in Me

I was riding my bike with usual 40 KMPH speed and found one car about to take a turn from the other side of the road to my side of the road. I honked thinking I passed an order to him not to move till I cross. He still continued taking turn. I honked again andContinue reading “The hypocrite in Me”