Desk and dusk

Ringing doorbell brings excitement with the hope of something new and wonderful for the kids in the house. Although there is some level of predictability, a large amount of guess works there as well. It is time for the mother to return from work; Maybe a courier guy because parents ordered something exciting for them … Continue reading Desk and dusk

An Interesting Journey

A very hot summer, punctured tire, discharged cell phone and money purse with one Rs. 5 note has made me stand on the roadside of a deserted area without any means. The only option was to ask somebody to give me a lift to a nearby area where I can withdraw some money and then … Continue reading An Interesting Journey

Can you read Instructions?

A husband entered his home at 11:00 PM at night after a long tiring day. As soon as his wife opened the door, he could see the upset wife is somewhere between angry, sad and scared. He tried to read the instructions from her face to understand his next course of actions to cool the … Continue reading Can you read Instructions?

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