You have Time and Money

An occasional trip to woods made me realize what am I missing sitting at home with my electronic gadgets. I stopped where few trees were at a social gathering in the age of social distancing. I questioned, “How can you be so beautiful, so successful and so accomplished?”. I did not except any response butContinue reading “You have Time and Money”

Boiling Point

One occasion when our expectations are at boiling point if we do not get what we want we lose trust on the person. One occasion when we see our needs are at boiling point if we take the uncomfortable step we gain confidence for lifetime. One occasion when our emotions are at boiling point ifContinue reading “Boiling Point”

Choose your battle

You constantly juggle between many priorities. Every moment we are at a spot to chose one between many. The tasks do not come with a price tag but they are expensive. Some might take your time and some may peace of mind, some have the ability to make you rich and some will make youContinue reading “Choose your battle”