Boiling Point

One occasion when our expectations are at boiling point if we do not get what we want we lose trust on the person. One occasion when we see our needs are at boiling point if we take the uncomfortable step we gain confidence for lifetime. One occasion when our emotions are at boiling point ifContinue reading “Boiling Point”

Office Tea Time Talk

“I want this world to be free from mis-communications and misunderstandings. It is so much of wastage of time and energy to clear these. Why can’t people just understand. I don’t misunderstand anybody because I think both the sides of the story when I hear something that is not clear.”, Rakesh was blabbering as usualContinue reading “Office Tea Time Talk”

Hate – A journey defined

“How can he do that? Neither it is ethical nor beneficial to anybody including himself. He is not realizing how much harm he is doing to his own image. I hate him. The moment I see him I feel like finding an opportunity to beat him up and show the entire world how bad heContinue reading “Hate – A journey defined”

Tea = Prayer

“Why do you need to have Tea every morning?”, wife said.  “I hate when something overpowers me and I go dependent on it. Why should I let anything in this world over power me. I must stay strong and should not let anybody control me.”, Wife asked when a morning tea addicted husband demanded aContinue reading “Tea = Prayer”

One Morning

A freshly made tea in a company provided mug was trying to cool itself by doing heavy breathing exercise. A freshly printed news paper but tired and folded was sleeping on my door step. I could understand the tiredness, it is because of carrying lots of old and/or incorrect news. An old couch was sitting in itsContinue reading “One Morning”

Agnyatabasa – Staying in Disguise

Lonely road, cutting through a dense forest. Every small noise that different parts of this vehicle is making can be easily heard. The only other sound audible is the chirping of birds. Trees on both side of the road are looking down towards this vehicle as if they are annoyed by the sound that the carContinue reading “Agnyatabasa – Staying in Disguise”