Moment well spent

While every passing moment is an opportunity going away from us, every moment is the opportunity that has the potential to change the world. The feeling of achievement comes from a moment and repetition of such moments called as a successful life. But those moments are here and now but by the time we realizeContinue reading “Moment well spent”


When you wake up with new dreams, excitements and renewed determination it is called morning. No one knows where their destiny might take them to nor they have control to fight destiny. But every individual has enough resources, abilities and skills to make their current moment better. The moment which is here and now. GoodContinue reading “Mornings”

Unusual Leave request

While I wait for a new day to unfold, I heard some whispers from eastern horizon. “Can I, just for one day?”, One heavy voice trying to take permission. A lady responded, “Never. Rules are rules. These are made by the king and nobody has the right to change the rule. Even for a singleContinue reading “Unusual Leave request”