Life Lessons: Went to teach; could not communicate; learnt instead

In past four decades I grew within myself with the belief that I am getting better at my communication skills. I did struggle at different phases and pockets but if I call those as exceptions I was moving in the northward direction with my ability to connect to a crowd. Language became a challenge atContinue reading “Life Lessons: Went to teach; could not communicate; learnt instead”

Back to Future … VII (School)

Stayed for some days at Navneel’s home. He always insists that I should stay there permanently but I always denied. This time I agreed to stay for couple of weeks. Navneel asked me if I would like to visit his son’s school. I immediately agreed because I wanted to know the modern techniques people are using toContinue reading “Back to Future … VII (School)”

Pitri Dance : My Survival Tool

“Look at at the third button of your shirt, How dare you wear a belt?,Why your shoes are not polished? Stand straight” I was hearing all these commanding voices while constantly looking at my third button of my shirt. It is almost one hour over we were standing in a line. I am trying toContinue reading “Pitri Dance : My Survival Tool”