You are Unique

You are destined to do something amazing. This world needs you for your unique ability. Preserving and nurturing your natual ability is purpose of your life. Your natural instinct and your natural abilities are way more effective and powerful than your acquired ones. You never were lesser than anybody nor you are today but, ifContinue reading “You are Unique”

I am the Hero

Murmurs from many sources woke me up. I was wondering whether it is a new alarm set by kids or there is really somebody speaking in my neighbours house. I started searching for my specs. I know specs have no relationship with hearing, but I can’t activate any of my senses unless I wear myContinue reading “I am the Hero”

Criticizing is fun!!!

Night 10:30 PM and I was still in office. Most of the colleagues had left office and few were preparing to leave. I went to take a cup of coffee so that I can stay awake for the next one hour to complete the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. While coming back from the pantry, IContinue reading “Criticizing is fun!!!”

The Power within

  A very powerful stanza from a poetry by Muhammad Iqbal.keeps inspiring generations, to go beyond what others think you can do, what you think you can do and even what god thinks you can do. But still I see the helplessness when I look at the mirror or look into eyes of many. TheContinue reading “The Power within”

Mirror Mirror!!

I was able to see myself clearly. I could see myself doing some work, talking to others as I can see others. “This is not possible!!!”, I shouted. I made sure that I am not sleeping by pinching myself. I was sure that I am not dead because I can see myself doing all earthlyContinue reading “Mirror Mirror!!”

Banana Peel

“Jai Deva Jai Deva, Jai Mangal Moorthy….”, Beautiful song wave entered into my body and inspired me to participate in the Aarti that is being conducted at the society Ganapati Puja Pandal. I got to know that Aarti is about to finish. I ran towards the pandal. Newly constructed RCC road helped me running faster although lack of practise triedContinue reading “Banana Peel”


While coming to office I was in my usual thought mode and my auto pilot was on so I was going smoothly. Suddenly I received one error from the auto pilot software. My usual practice is to click on the ‘Ok’ button and continue but this time, I had only ‘Stop’ button available. I hadContinue reading “Hi!!”