Son, You may break rules

I picked Navneel (My 2 and 1/2 year old son) from school and was on my way to home. I was busy talking to him and was not giving much attention to the road as there were hardly any traffic on road at that time. Suddenly I saw a bike coming from opposite direction andContinue reading “Son, You may break rules”

Musical Office

I am in the middle of a complex problem, analyzing with friends to find resolution as it is critical, every second counts here, otherwise it may escalate to next level as Billing run at a hospital has crashed. Suddenly a loud noise came “Apni to jaise taise, thodi aise na waise, Kat Jayegi… Aaapka kya hoga Janawe ali” from aContinue reading “Musical Office”

Facebook and Me

Sunday, early morning, still tired although slept for more than 7 hours. More than tired, I am lazy to do anything at the moment. Heard my cell phone ringing which was in another room. I thought “Let it ring, I will call back to the person once I get up”. But, it looks like the personContinue reading “Facebook and Me”