Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool

The drizzling Sky was looking sad. I looked at them from my window and asked what happened?. It said with disinterest, “Low pressure at the Bay of Bengal.” I laughed and said, “Why can’t you stay normal. Always low or high”. And I said, “Why can’t you guys come to some term and be friends.”Continue reading “Conflict: A necessity, Respect: A tool”


Today’s topic is respect. I mentioned little research on humour to just draw parallel between the way the humour is decoded. Few months back while doing research for my Toastmasters project I learnt humour is nothing but ‘Benign Violation’. Several researches over several decades have proven that humour is something which is a violation atContinue reading “Respect”

Criticizing is fun!!!

Night 10:30 PM and I was still in office. Most of the colleagues had left office and few were preparing to leave. I went to take a cup of coffee so that I can stay awake for the next one hour to complete the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting. While coming back from the pantry, IContinue reading “Criticizing is fun!!!”

Ohh! Womania

“There is nothing called happily married. You can either be happy or married”, one friend of mine said. This triggered several jokes on marriage and how a man suffers after the marriage although with an activated comic bone. I did not laugh any less or contributed any less. As I was a forced bachelor atContinue reading “Ohh! Womania”

An Unique Interview

“We meditate on the adorable glory of the radiant sun; may he inspire our intelligence.” being repeated again and again by some students just  before the interview in the reception area. They all have closed their eyes and looking bright.  I being one external yet final interviewer found it strange and worth investigating. By justContinue reading “An Unique Interview”

Can you read Instructions?

A husband entered his home at 11:00 PM at night after a long tiring day. As soon as his wife opened the door, he could see the upset wife is somewhere between angry, sad and scared. He tried to read the instructions from her face to understand his next course of actions to cool theContinue reading “Can you read Instructions?”