Mirror Mirror!!

I was able to see myself clearly. I could see myself doing some work, talking to others as I can see others. “This is not possible!!!”, I shouted. I made sure that I am not sleeping by pinching myself. I was sure that I am not dead because I can see myself doing all earthlyContinue reading “Mirror Mirror!!”

Banana Peel

“Jai Deva Jai Deva, Jai Mangal Moorthy….”, Beautiful song wave entered into my body and inspired me to participate in the Aarti that is being conducted at the society Ganapati Puja Pandal. I got to know that Aarti is about to finish. I ran towards the pandal. Newly constructed RCC road helped me running faster although lack of practise triedContinue reading “Banana Peel”

Who are you????

Since long I am seeing you everywhere and I just realized that all the problems I am facing or happening around me, is due to you. I see you are the person who is keeping the house untidy and lacks aesthetic sense. This causes me angry and unhappy. You are the person who spoils myContinue reading “Who are you????”