Crossing the hurdles

The auto driver dropped Shrikant just at the other side of the road so that he can cross the road to reach office. Today is the first day for Shrikant at this new office, and Bangalore is a new city for him. Coming from a small town, where traffic meant you can see 20 vehicles … Continue reading Crossing the hurdles

Happy Outside

Evening 7:30, while most of the city is heading home, bunch of passionate engineers brainstorming in a closed room about new issue that was reported by one premium client and trying their best to find resolution to it.At times discussing an issue to find resolution unknowingly takes its turns towards blaming each other or discussing … Continue reading Happy Outside

Complaints about life!

“God, today I want to complain about everybody whom I don’t like. I want to blame everybody and everything around me. I want to find fault in others and prove that they are bad. I want to cry and shout proving my innocence for every mistake I did and expect people to just appreciate my all … Continue reading Complaints about life!


“Hey!! Did you do your assignment? It is so tough. I do not understand what that teacher teaches. Our subjects are so difficult to understand.” after some seconds pause “it is so hot here. Why they do not have generators here. Your room fan is very slow. You room is very hot compared to mine. … Continue reading F.U.S.U.

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