Back to Future… III

Coming back from Pune, Hiya’s home. I am Angry and upset with them.Reached railway station in a solar-powered but high-speed bus. I did not let Hiya or her Husband come along with me to drop me at railway station, because I am angry with them. Railway station was very different from past when I used to travelContinue reading “Back to Future… III”

Ice cream

My friend called for a late night party. All had gathered in Sitesh’s house and waiting for me. I started my bike and accelerated to its extreme. I know they are not exactly waiting as they said over the phone. They must have started the party by now. Two or three bottles would have finishedContinue reading “Ice cream”


“That guy (winked), thinks that he is a very good developer. After 11 years of experience in writing code still his code does never work first time.” Druv said and laughed. Ajit gave a cold response saying, “Everybody knows this including him. He tells this openly and admits that he has this problem. But the kind ofContinue reading “Openness”

I’m Posting every day in 2011!

Namaste!!! I will be posting on this blog once a day for rest of 2011. I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, includingContinue reading “I’m Posting every day in 2011!”