“Ramesh followed every processes and procedures religiously and encouraged his fellow team members to follow the defined processes religiously as well.”, I wrote my feedback as manager for Ramesh as part of the appraisal process. I stopped for a while thinking the choice of words and the truth behind this statement. It is not newContinue reading “Religiously”

Who is poor?

I went to Shimla this April with my family. We started as soon as summer vacation started for my kids. We went from Vadodara to Delhi and then took a Cab to Shimla. It was a fun ride for most part but as soon as we started the hilly roads Hiya (My daughter) started feeling uneasy andContinue reading “Who is poor?”

Who are you???

“Namaskar, Sat Shree Akal, Adaab and Welcome to the show ‘Who are you?’. You and me will play this game with entire world witnessing us from millions of Television sets. If you win (and I wish you win) you will receive the title of Insaan (Human). But there is nothing to worry if you can not winContinue reading “Who are you???”

Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?

I went to file my tax returns. I submitted the certificate from the donation I made to CRY (Child Rights and You) organization where it stated I have paid Rs. 3600 for education of one needy child last year.  After filing returns, while walking back to my room I found there was a nice VadapavContinue reading “Am I a Responsible Member of Indian Society?”